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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Classes, Highlights and Analysis from April 2 | Bleach Report

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    Posted by WWE.com

    The episode of WWE SmackDown Live on April 2 represented the last-minute stop of the main list on The Road to WrestleMania, signed by signing a contract for a WWE match between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston.

    These two superstars highlight an incredibly purposeful show, in which each segment was dedicated to holding a match on Sunday's card.

    It succeeded, even having given time to defeat the fighting kings.

    Find out what it was like, how it was rated, and why with this description of the broadcast on Tuesday live.

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    On the eve of the debut at WrestleMania 35, AJ Styles and Randy Orton joined The Kevin

    A short-lived return and back gave way to physics … but not before Owens threw his own show.

    Stylus tried the phenomenal forearm, but Orton caught him in the air with the RKO, leaving h

    Viper was tall to close the segment.




    It was short, sweet and relevant.

    conversation; there was no excess or excessive demand. Orton once again raised Indy-von Stylus, and "Phenomenal" raised an unsuccessful drug test "Viper", adding more heat to the program.

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    The SmackDown division of the Tag Team was central to the start of the first part of the show this week. Champions of Uos and tandem Alistair Black and Ricoshete fought with Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, Shimos and Cesaro.

    Jay Uso highlighted most of the clashes by cutting off the ring and holding it from his partners.

    Jimmy Uso received a hot tag, and the action broke. Rocoste starred, Black exploded Cesaro with a black mass, and Uxos released a double super squeeze to Rusev to set the finish.

    After the victory, the champions stood in the center of the ring when WrestleMania Alexa Bliss was featured and declared The Usos to be defending from Black and Riscot, Nakamuri and Rusev, and Bar in a fatal 4-way match at the show.

    A brawl began, which led to the fact that Black and Ricochet stood high to close the segment. 19659004]


    Usos, Chornyi and Ricosheth won the Bar, Rusev and Nakamura




    The action was solid, if not formulated, but it was the statement of Bliss, which carried the greatest weight. , and this is exactly what was announced on Tuesday evening. The addition of Black and Ricochet is interesting because we thought that they were destined to see how they win the "Renaissance" for the brand "Siri".

    This is no longer the case, and the team stood to close it, the victory of the Black Rescue no longer seems like a thing.

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    Peyton Royce and Billie Kay made their way to the ring on Tuesday, ready to solve their match for the women's team on Sunday against Sasha and Bailey, Natal and Beth Phoenix, and Tamina and Nia Jacks.

    A short promo ended with a promise of victory in the iconic championship.


    C +


    As on this show, it was short and sweet.

    Kay and Royce made

    Given this, it was a successful segment that allowed charismatic stars to shine.

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    Posted by WWE.com

    Miz cut the promo at Shane McMahon, calling him WrestleMania his retaliation.

    From there, A-Lister broke with Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young Handicap, organized by McMahon.

    Self-proclaimed Best in the world felt its presence, watching from a distance when his rival WrestleMania fought against three of the most dangerous rivals … in the NXT.

    This has not changed here.

    Supplemented by McMahon's verbal images and the photos he put on his father, Mizie, George, the former WWE champion took the fight

    Even when McMahon announced that it would be a match with the waterfall of the graphs, Miza continued to demonstrate stability, eventually fixing Young to score a huge victory.

    Miss looked at McMahon in the garage to close the segment. .


    Mises won Sanity


    C +


    Here, Miz looked like a general zadarch, the description, as a rule, was not used in relation to him.

    He said that this transformed him for a long time and strengthened his rivalry with McMahon. the fraction is like dead in the water, as well as any other act throughout WWE. Once destined to do great things, the group somehow deserves trust than The Ascension and just beaten by a guy who is never confused with Stone Cold by Steve Austin. this role.

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    Posted by WWE.com

    Just 24 hours after the arrest in Washington, DC, on Raw, Becky Lynch decorated the WWE Universe with a promotional start-winner in all matches against Charlotte Fleur and Rondi Rose in WrestleMania

    The man mentioned WWE's plans to order Flair vs. Rousey, but everything changed when she turned on the Queen.

    She put on the main event on Sunday. and vowed to return to SmackDown as the new single female champion.




    Lynch has such a charisma and so strong bond with fans right now, that she could come to

    There was nothing to this, which we had not heard before, but it was still strong enough to attract fans' attention. It should be said about the main event WrestleMania has already been. It was only glaze on the cake of the most popular superstar of the struggle.

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    Author: WWE.com

    R-Truth, Heavy Machinery, Hardy Boyz, Carmella, Naomi, Asuka and Nikki Cross EC3, Luke Hallowe, Carl Anderson, Andrade, Shelton Benjamin, Mandy Rose , Sonia Devil, Lana and Zelina Vega in the largest team of mixed tags in the history of WWE

    There were fun places such as the caterpillar Otis Dozovich maneuver to EC3 and the resumption of rivalry between Naomi and Mandy Rose, but the end of the match saw a domination of chaos and the judge called for a call

    Each superstar alternately excluded another, whose culmination was Asuka. and stood tall in a cool place.


    No competition




    ] preview for Battle Royals on Sunday show, it was harmless fun.

    No one was better or worse than what was involved, and both matches of male and female matches on Sunday night were carried over in the same way as they were.

    Best? Asuka took the central scene in a week after a crushing defeat and she should become a favorite to win the Royal Fight on Sunday

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Only days before, How will he be protected by his United States championship against Ray Misterio at WrestleMania, Samoa Joe fought with Ali in a non-title game.

    Smart, quick hard hard took the fight to Joe, swaying the champion early.

    Unfortunately, the great tornado The most striking offense that he could have imagined was DDT. He tried for a 450 splash, but Joe blocked, applied the Coquina grip and knocked it.


    Samoa Joe defeated Ali


    This was a sprint in a match intended to put in the spotlight Joe, give him a relatively competitive victory and do it against a guy who does not lose anything in defeat.

    He performed all this and has Joe on a roll … even if his match with Mysterio feels like a dizzying look on the loaded card.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE Champion Daniel Brian and Kofi Kingston were sitting opposite each other, ready to sign

    Bryan signed the deal, and then took the time to "bring up" the WWE Universe. He accused Kingston of 11 years of frustration with complacency. He asked the masses not to wait for someone to push you like the man of the New Day.

    Contender # 1 heard enough Bryan, who dictated to the masses his own brand of education. He got up from his seat, told him that he was watching and studying the champion's journey to the title. "You do not know me. You do not know why I went through!" he exclaimed.

    Kingston signed the contract, threw it to Michael Cole, and finished the show as intense and purposeful as we have ever seen it.




    The rivalry, which did not require more noise, received it in the form of phenomenal promo two boys, who may have only raised their contest for the "most worthy seeing" status.

    Kingston has been phenomenal for the past two months, and Brian was as silent, consistent as the fantastic heel, like everyone in the last memory. His character was really interesting to watch the development and development every week, and he deserved this right to defend in a high-level fight.

    In the most important promo of his career, Kingston made admirers believers and now enters WrestleMania as Superstar is expected to leave gold around his waist.

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