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ARLINGTON, Texas – The first clashes between players of the same name in the history of the season were extremely important.

Enough, perhaps, even to change the situation in this series of national league championships.

In a five-game battle with Will Smiths, the Los Angeles Dodgers assembled an impressive attack against their Atlanta Braves counterpart by falling into a duel before closing the left fastball to the left. -field places on Globe Life Field, a critical three-time home run for the elimination of club fighting.

This turned the one-time Dodgers deficit to 4-2, leading to the bottom of sixth in Game 5, and the Braves held 3-1 on the NLCS score.

The Dodgers would continue to win 7-3, forcing the game on Saturday 6th.

“It was a great AB,” said Corey Seeger, who stopped at the Dodgers after two home runs, about the course of Smith’s home returning to the game. “He fought all the time with his ass, got the ball down and away, and put a big swing on it.”

Smith, a Dodgers second-year catcher, and Smith, a freshman in the Braves bullpen, had met before. Last season, the left-hander became the closest to the San Francisco Giants, and he faced the then Dodgers catcher with two outs at the bottom of the ninth game 5: 4 on September 7, 2019.

Smith’s pitcher then prevailed, knocking out his younger colleague to finish the game.

It seemed like a big enough place to ask about the little things. Then came Friday night.

“I will always bet on our Will Smith,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

As both teams gave their efforts in the bullpen, Smith decided to come at the beginning, and he was called with two outs in the sixth, apparently releasing the left chatter Max Munsey.

But Smith threw Muncie three consecutive goals, hitting a full score before passing Muncie, whose bat never left his shoulder.

In simpler times, it could have been all for Smith’s pitcher. But a new minimum of three tests required a Smith-Smith bout, and the story was made.

Not that the hero of Friday took the bait for the strangeness of it all.

“Who knows? It’s a pretty common name,” he said.

You can’t imagine what Act III will bring.