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Wife from childhood Sarah Stern recognized guilty of strangled her, dropping her body

A second child, accused of strangled Sarah Stern, and then her death so she looked as if she had died, was convicted on Tuesday after a lunar trial in Monmouth County. guilty of all points – murder, robbery, defilement of human remains, conspiracy to defile human remains and prevent fears.

"Noticeably frustrated", but in his eyes there was no tears. "There is a call here," said Carlos Diaz-Kobo.

After reading the guilty counts, Stern family members cried. Detectives on the case shook hands and hugged.

McCaste is now threatening his life at his jail on May 24th. protection represented only three.

The court began with an explosion on January 23, when the key witness of the state, Preston Taylor, took the position shortly after the opening of the statement. Taylor, who was the youngest Stern graduation day, showed that he took off Stern's body from her home in Neptune City after Maktasnya strangled her on December 2, 201

6. Stern car with keys inside so it looks as if she jumped off the bridge.

Stern's body was not found. The state introduced an ocean tidal expert from Rutgers University who showed that Stern's body probably traveled 7 miles to the sea within 24 hours

Diaz-Kobo has put his client as an immature young adult who is known to have made history. That was the case, Diaz-Kobo said, when Maktasnya got into his car's friend Anthony Curry and described how he strangled Stern and then timed her death. The confession was recorded on a secret chamber, which was detected by detectives in the Carri car.

"It took me an hour and a half to kill her," said Maktasnya in a video. … She had a cramp on the floor, I got a shirt and stuck it in my throat so she did not throw it and touched her nose and set the timer.

Diaz-Kobo told the jury. Confession was a complicated lie to strike Curry, who begins to film horror, and that in the past, McAdamy thought about the film's ideas.

The video was reproduced before the jury at the conclusion of the state affairs. for the jury when the defendant prosecutor of the Monmouth County, Christopher Decker, caused strong emotions from the Stern family every time he was playing

Throughout the trial, Father Stern, Michael, was sitting in the second row of the courtroom. Extended Seven Sari Seven & Makatanis was sitting on the opposite side of the courtroom.

In the well of the courtroom, the table of defense and the table, where two prosecutors, Megan Doyle and Decker, sat in the stairs. It made it almost impossible to see McAtasney's face during the trial. Sometimes he leaned and whispered at the prosecutor's ear.

Once, some of Makatassa's friends were sitting in the courtroom, and he returned to them and gave his thumbs after they called him.

days he sat silently and looked forward to Judge Richard of English. The only time that Makatasani was speaking was to say in English that his choice was to "keep silent" and not to testify.

The verdict delays the case, which required more than two years for trial. The trial was postponed due to pre-trial submission and hearing. McAtasney also fired his first lawyer, Charles Moriarty, and hired Diaz-Kobo in early 2018.

The state submitted a case based on circumstantial evidence, which led to the fact that Diaz-Kobo argued that there was no solid proof that the client had committed the murder. Moreover, without having any body in the case, he himself is in doubt, – stated Diaz-Kobo.

The McTachsen prints have never been found at all, "said Diaz-Kobo. McCasteney stated during his cassette acknowledgment to Curry that Stern was praying, but Diaz-Kobo asked a question to each researcher about whether any urine was found. There was no answer from the chief detective to this case, Brian Wiesbroth.

But the state was able to provide evidence that confirms most of what McTasney Carrie said. McAtasney said the money he stole – about $ 10,000 – was old and looked like it was since the 1980s. The prosecutors showed the jury money that was discovered at the Sandy Hook's buried safe box, which Taylor brought them to.

The Detective, John Sosdian, testified that Makastasn turned to the stopwatch program on his mobile phone around 4:15 on December 2, 2016. The state basically laid its business on Taylor's back. He pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against his friend and former roommate, and most likely he would be sentenced to twenty years in prison after being sentenced.

  Preston Taylor is depicted on the stand. The trial of the murder of Liam Makatasani (not depicted) entered the second day of the Monmouth County Court building in Frigold, NJ, on Thursday, January 24, 2019. He is accused of killing Sarah Stern.
Preston Taylor is depicted as a witness. The trial of the murder of Liam McTashney (not depicted) entered the Monmouth County Court building in Frigold, NJ, on Thursday, January 24, 2019. He is accused of killing Sarah Stern. Russ DeSantis

Taylor described in detail witnesses how the plan to rob Stern took shape after she had found a box of shoes full of money left by her deceased mother in a family home in Avon-by- the-sea. Tilor said that Maktasnya was with Stern when he found cash.

Makastaschi believed that there was about $ 100,000 in the shoe box.

"At first, we began to discuss the fact that it is a lot of money that we will be making if we have such money," Taylor said. – And then the conversation turned into: "Well, and what if we had such money", then its specifically money. It was then that the idea was to rob her.

McCaste, in a later conversation at the bar where Taylor worked, made a shocking statement, according to the latter: "This was the kind of money that someone McAtasney was the last man to see from Stern on December 2, 2016. The neighbor, Carly Draper, testified that McAtasney was helping her move in the boxes of Stern on that day and that they had come to her home. Draper said that Stern and McAtaus were talking about the possibility of a joint move to Canada. Stern, striving for an artist and celebrity celebrity on the Internet, had friends in Canada and loved it there, told her seven.

However, Taylor said that talks about moving to Canada between Stern and McAttasy were the way to get Stern to withdraw part of their newly created state from the safe at Kearny Bank in Bradley Beach. On December 2, 2016, prosecutors visited videos about Stern at the bank.

Taylor also said that Maktasnya, who was waiting in the car while Stern was in the bank, told him he was going to "take"

After the robbery took place, Taylor and McAthas burried two safes – one in the park the Shark River in the Wall, and the other on Sandy Hook. Taylor took detectives to both places where they found the safes. One safe, restored from Sandy Huck, contained revenues from a robbery attack. The other safe in the Shark River Park did not have anything in it, but it was the same safe, where Stern retained a portion of cash inside his room.

The court was thrown into chaos after the two jurors were rejected after commenting on one of them

The case will now be released to the national stage when the specialist. Air on "20/20" and "Dateline".

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