Dieticians Weighed About Bad Bread Reputation and Verdict: Bread is Not Bad (Photo: THOMAS SAMSON, AFP / Getty Images)

Latest News: Carbohydrates are not bad for you.

But all the trends in a low-carbohydrate diet may lead you to the idea that eating a piece of bread is synonymous with whipping a gallon of bacon lubrication and pushing 100 snickers into your mouth.

Although a low-carbohydrate diet can help people achieve certain goals of weight loss or fitness, food does not harm your diet every day, experts say.

Of course, if you are allergic to gluten or any other intolerance associated with them, then by all means, continue to avoid these little devils. But if not, then go ahead and eat that burger without holding the rolls and skip a miserable cauliflower on your pizza. Live on the edge, you will be well.

Why is all the bad press?

Chris Solyd, a registered nutritionist and senior nutrition director at the International Food Information Foundation, said that the new popularity of low-carbohydrate diets is bad for carbohydrates.

"Bread is eating low carbohydrate foods because it has high levels of carbohydrates, and some are considered an unnecessary remedy for other foods," said Sollid. Bruce Hamacker, a professor of nutritional science at Purdue University, said that bad bread's publicity is associated with the digestion of certain carbohydrates.

"White bread has a high glycemic response, and it's an idea that white bread is not good

" For you, "Hamacker said.

" If someone eats that over time, then his starch component quickly is digested and glucose is rapidly thrown into the body, "he continued."

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] Tessa Nguyen, a registered nutritionist and food blogger, says that every year there is one goat in the world of eating out. Sometimes it's fat or dairy products. but carbohydrates and bread always surrender at the top of the list.

"I think that the main reason why bread is badly represented is that bread can quickly fill you up does not have to be dense," said Nguyen

Not all carbohydrates are created equal

.It is dangerous for your diet, there is a difference between the types of carbohydrates that you eat.

Hamacker said that there is something called "carbohydrate quality" and not properly mark all carbohydrates as "bad" There are some carbohydrates that are better than others. He added that while eating a piece of white bread is not you, but in the long run, it is desirable to stick to the breads that are whole grain crops with the addition of fiber.

white bread, you will not die, but if you eat that every day it is probably not the healthiest type of carbohydrates to eat on a regular basis, "said Hamaker.

The professor says that although it's a bit more complicated, than to classify certain carbohydrates as "bad" and others "good", it is better to use carbohydrates, which usually take more time.

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"Take, for example, a loaf of bread from bread to whole grains. Noodles with buttermilk or a slice of cheese is a sky, "said Nguyen. "Nevertheless, you can do the same with a baguette of whole grains and gain additional benefits from healthy fats and fibers coming from whole grains, nuts and / or seeds mixed in the dough."

Humaker believes that we are not created to be on the diet , free of carbohydrates, until the end of our lives and says that we actually need a certain amount.

Nguyen says there is nothing wrong with eating bread every day if that's what you like to eat – as long as you balance it with various other fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. In other words: not just eat bread every day every day.

"The only way to eliminate bread may be to benefit your diet if you have an allergy to it and / or intolerance to it," said Nguyen. "Our bodies (and the brain) need carbohydrates to function properly, so the exclusion of bread or carbohydrates from your diet plan simply does not have to be based on a diet of whimsy."

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"All the same, but also the choice of products that can be better in the long run. And for bread, I think those who have more fiber and whole grain are better to consume in the long run," said Hamaker.

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