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Who wouldn’t want their Echo Dot to look like Baby Yoda?

I can tell you a lot about the new Otterbox stand for the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot third-generation smart speaker. I can tell you about its “durable materials” or how it “holds” securely on your Echo device. The Amazon list even claims that its “non-slip fit accuracy” is “designed for optimal sound output.”

But you and I know that none of this really matters, because it’s really important here that this base adds little tiny Emmy baby numbers to Yoda * on the side of your Echo point. If you want to pretend what you are actually saying Mandalorian every time you ask Alexa to set a timer, this is (probably) the easiest way to do it.

Apparently, it’s “designed for optimal sound output.”
Image: Otterbox

The stand is made by Otterbox, best known for its smartphone cases, but has also released a number of interesting gadget accessories over the years. There are cordless chargers that can be folded, which they announced last year, or phone cases that come with built-in PopGops-style PopSockets.

The OtterBox Baby Yoda Amazon Echo is available for pre-order on Amazon now, with a release expected on August 20 for $ 24.95. For those who keep records, it’s a little less than half the cost of the Amazon Echo Dot itself. The stand is designed only to work with a smart speaker of the third generation.

* Yes, I know that the character is technically called “Baby”, but please, please, live a little.

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