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West Virginia Will Grier is forgotten by the first round of the NFL | Bleach Report

  FILE - In this photo on September 1, 2018, Willie Greer (7) in West Virginia looks to go against Tennessee in the first half of the NCAA College Football Match, in Charlotte, North Carolina. . (AP Photo / Chuck Burton, File)

Chuck Burton / Associated Press

Will Grace in West Virginia is often not mentioned by Keeler Murray of Oklahoma, Dwayne Hashkins, Ohio, Missouri headquarters Drew Locke and Duke Daniel Jones. Prospects for a round defender, but he should be.

NFL storytelling does not always reflect reality.

A year ago, Baker Mayfield was not a castle to become the first general choice. He was too short, did not have a big enough hand, and perhaps had problems with the attitude. None of these ideas was really true, but they arose throughout the process of education. Cleveland Browns did not shake, and the subscriber signal rewarded the franchise by setting a record recruits in one season with 27 gears.

A quick rewind forward of 1

1 months, and a few misleading stories rooted in the class of defenders this year. Some of them are about the best prospects, while others relate to the specially designed Griier's skills and general condition.

Murray and Haskins are expected to be top 10 elections. The perception is that Lock is next in line, and then Jones, an intriguing perspective to consider several commands in the opening frame.

A NFC coach spokeswoman said MMQB's Albert Breer class this year is being formed more than the 2014 version. That year, Teddy Bridge was considered the first perspective, but fell to 32nd. Jacksonville Jaguar surprised almost everyone by choosing Blake Bortles with the third general choice. Despite all the warning signs, Browns still chose Johnny Manziel with 22 choices. This year, there are probably so many surprises.

"Because you are not sure how these guys are going to get off the board," the coach said about his comparison. Grier is usually considered the perspective of the next day. The NFL managers are not necessarily in agreement and their status is changing, since appraisers get a chance to learn more about him and see how he throws in different conditions.

Another NFC assistant visited a day in West Virginia and was openly wondering if Grier is the third best prospect of a defender, according to Breer:

"He has a good behavior, and the man jumps from his hand. Physically, he threw his ball well … I thought it was in line with [with the tape] and I think the tape was good … Haskins was an annual starter and frankly, When it comes to this, Grir can to be at the level of these guys Murry is a unique case, but after that, and Haskins, Greer may be third. "

Anonymous Intelligence Spokesman in ESPN Adam Schaefer Greer "staged a show" during the event and considered the 23-year-old defender "riser". It's clear that this is a language project for outsiders that catches up with the thinking of the league, because the interest from several teams is real.

Darron Cummings / Associated Press

At least 10 teams will meet with Greer for a draft, for Scheffer. These teams include New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles, New England, and New Orleans. Saints do not have the first round, so they are the least interesting. In Washington, New York, Los Angeles and New England, they share between the 15th and 32nd selection projects which is realistic for Grier.

The captain has already met with the head coach of the Giants and Washington Jay Gruden, according to Aditi Kinkhabwala .

The whole process plays the strengths of Greer. He is mature, experienced and intelligent. His personality is the main point of sale as a potential franchise person.

"If you read the experts, you expect that Will Grier will be available, perhaps in the second round or later," said Fox Sports analyst Joel Klett during the episode ] Definitely . "But if you talk to people in the National Football League, they are much higher on Grier than those who write about the project.

" Will Grier the guy who made the impression at meetings with these teams, and he played a very big role in his great moments moments of last year. "

t As talented as Haskins and Murray, for example, they are not experienced, everyone only started one season, some teams will not be completely satisfied with their lack of playing time. his understanding of positions and expectations.

"His ability to remain in his pocket and expand his arm, is probably the best that I ever had something in terms of its balance, "said the former West Virginia offensive co-ordinator Jake Spavitl, according to ESPN.com David Newton.

"When you get him on these meetings one by one, these interviews, he's a sharp boy."

Spavital trained Case Keenum, Geno Smith, Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel during his various stops.

Despite these qualities, Grir can not surpass the natural talent and potential of Murray and Haskins; but it provides an alternative if the team, for example, giants, for example, are ready to wait. Sheffett said Greer and Jones have names related to the search for New York's heir Eli Menning (via Redskins Capital Connection & # 39; s Robert Henson ).

Although Grier does not represent the same set of physical skills, this does not mean that he lacks the first round. Florida takes advantage in several areas, creating the possibility that it will jump Loke and Jones, even if their natural potential is considered to be the best.

Defender's position requires basic physical instruments, and Grier does not fall below any threshold. He has 6 "2" and 217 pounds with 9 inch hands, although his arm strength has been bombarded throughout the assessment period.

A special stat and two subsequent performances deny the alleged knock.

Western Virginia's product was one of the country's finest passers-byers in the past two seasons in vertical climbing. [19659004] But Griier's strength came at the NFL plant when he was at the speed of his wake The bottom with the Danish Butler:

Recorded speed may be misleading and is not an ideal indicator of the strength of a defender's hand. Some of them can shoot short distances, but do not have torque and speed to control their numbers consistently outside the numbers. Talent assessors insist on seeing personally how their balls explode (or not) on their hands.

The next step from the day of West Virginia, provided by WVSports.com by Patrick Kotnik shows Grir's reload with quiet legs and delivers a quick release to easily complete the speed even if it originally departed from the picture:

The hand left Griera's hand after one hitch. He did not require multiple crashes, a cock crow or an elongated step to complete a difficult throw, which is usually a measure of the strength of the defender's hand.

Of course, nobody is going to betray Greer for Haskins or Locke in the class this year, but the performer of the second team of All-Big 12 can make the necessary throws.

A starter with two plus years is steadfast against the blitz. His understanding before and after shooting is read and where the moon should go when the defense of the attack is exceptional. According to Pro Football Focus Grier completed 68.5 percent of Blitz passes with a 22 to 0 gradient. The problem begins when Blitz returns home and Greer has to maneuver. He fought when he left his place for Steve Palazzolo:

Greer is a solid athlete with 4.84 seconds in the 40-yard dash and top-notch champions in the factory in three cone drills (7.09 seconds) and short boats (4.28 seconds ), but he is much more efficient in the structure of crime and pocket boundaries.

"I feel that he is underestimated," said former West Virginia teammate Rv Serritella . "I mean, I know he's good, he knows he's good, I know he's a big player, he's been carrying a lot of our crime, he's running a show for us."

The transfer took place in two years in Morgantown, West Virginia. Grier completed 65.7 percent of its passes for 7,354 yards, 9.4 yards per attempt, 71 touchdowns and 20 interceptions in the Holgorsen Air Raid Dann option. He is a natural passer-by-passer who experiences a crime.

His maturity is also a major selling point. Greer is married and has a two-year-old daughter. He understands that football is a full time job after the Florida Heaths program paused a starter to improve drug use efficiency.

"I treated her like my work, and it would only be more and more intense," Grier said for climber athletes & # 39; . "I want to be the biggest one ever played, and it will take many hours and many reps and a lot of work. I have the opportunity to go play in the league and do my job." I'm going to do my best to take advantage of this opportunity. "

Ability to start after Greer has heard that he is called in the first round.

Brent Sobleski highlights NFL for the report of bleach. Follow it on Twitter: @brentsobl eski .

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