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Updating a PC update results in feedback on graphics changes

Today Forward has been released for Oculus Quest with a cross – PC processor, and the update has led to some major changes to the PC on the PC. Fans are not happy.

As a result of the port, the PC version of Onward was fixed to version 1.8, which includes drastic changes to the map, allowing you to make changes to run the game on Quest. Earlier, Downpour Interactive told us that these changes would mainly take the form of changing the plan, removing some features that Quest could not have now, such as additional greens, and so on. But it seems more dramatic. The Onward Discord server is a constant stream of users who are dissatisfied with updating and publishing reports of various new bugs.

After reading the comments of Onward VR Reddit, reviews of new PC users on the PC, the impression of differences and trying the new 1

.8 version of Onward PC, the differences are quite clear. Each map now looks noticeably lowered, suffers from similar textural pop-ups that hinder the Quest version, and is generally of lower quality now.

Late last month, the Dev Blog hinted at these changes, but it didn’t sound as dramatic as it does now.

On the other hand, the update has led to significant stability and improved performance on the PC. Users who previously had problems maintaining frame rate will now likely get a much smoother game. In addition, KasperVid, the community manager at Continuation of the Split, argues that the new game structure will provide more reliable and rich features in the future:

“We’ve rewritten and restored most of the game in recent months,” KasperVid told Discord. “On the one hand, we have created a lot of reserves for future improvements and expansions of the game, on the other – the temporary pain we feel now. And I fully understand that it is upsetting. But we have been working on this game for many years, and we are dedicated to it. That won’t change, so please give us the part of the loan that we’ll do right soon. “

In addition, MrDeathpwn, head of the Reddit community, also explains: “Me and the devils have recorded all your feedback, and we will do our best to resolve these issues as soon as possible. I will share all the feedback with the team. Let’s do it 2 steps forward and 1 step back. “

We have contacted Downpour Interactive directly for more comments and will update this post as soon as we hear. Let us know what you think of upgrading 1.8 to the PC below comments below!

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