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Ultimate Ears releases wireless headphones that form to your ears

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For some time now I have had terrible problems finding a headphone that is really suitable for my surprisingly small ear canals. In fact, I asked my colleagues to solve this problem this week. So I admit, my ears sagged when I was inspired by the wind from the upcoming Ultimate Ears headphone, which states that “mold is perfect for individual ears in less than a minute.”

I recognize that the process by which true wireless communication is properly named Suitable for UE, in fact it sounds pretty wild. With the accompanying application, the headphones use gel-filled tips with built-in LED lights to draw the contours of the ears before curing to the perfect shape – all in a minute. Ultimate Ears claims that this fitting system creates a comfortable fit, “free from pressure, pain or irritation, even after prolonged use.”

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Meanwhile, the outer part of the headset is a capsule-shaped tablet a little more than an inch long, which has a light gray, purple and deep dark blue colors. Because of how they fit, Ultimate Ears says they are able to block out ambient noise. By themselves, they provide up to eight hours of listening on a single charge, but that’s enough 20 hours with extra juice from their USB-C charging case. And the company says it will receive a Bluetooth signal of about 50 feet.

They are sweatyresistant and waterproof, which is nice if you’re the kind of man who uses headphones while training their suitability in theory must also be ideal for this). As For built-in control, you can start and stop music, as well as answer calls from the headphones themselves. But Ultimate Ears says its add-on allows you to customize the controls for things like voice assistant support and track skipping. Suitable for UE are the following currently available for previeworder and will be delivered later this fall.

Unfortunately, these special buttons are not too cheap: they sell for $ 249, so they are on par with the Apple AirPods Pro. But maybe – just possible! – This will be a wireless solution to my long-standing headphone problems. And hell, at this point I’ll try anything.

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