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Ubisoft has just made a lot of noticeable changes in Division 2

Players Branch 2 received a new mission called Tidal Basin, which extends the history of the game today, but it is only part of the raft of change. included in the first big patch game. The developers have redrawn two more controversial game systems-fashionable skills and weaponry-and, she notes, "the operations-based staff will now scream at the player less often than before."

] Changes that hit this morning at a frequency of more than 5 GB on my PS4. A complete list of patch notes went live about an hour ago, after a day when players were spoiled with an updated game. Here, in the office, I was able to play only half an hour, but that's what stands out.

] Models of skill now seem to be more useful. These mods are tiny things that players can attach to their dudes, towers, or other special gadgets. The problem is that since the launch, the requirements for using mods were too high for the proposed benefits. Mods will only be available if your character has a high enough score based on the equipment of backpacks, knees and other gears. Fashion never seemed to be, and therefore Developers of Division 2 reworked math. At first glance, the mods that I have now have lower qualification requirements and seem to be more useful.

Fashion weapons are simpler. Many Division 2 is reduced to the collection and use of the best and best guns. These tools can be changed with silencer, expanded clips of cartridges and other mods, all of which have bright pros and cons. You could add a mod that made your gun more accurate, but also make it less stable. You can shorten the reboot time if you are ready to sacrifice the number of bullets that could hold a pistol. To write and take some players was frustrated, so they were changed. Fashion weapons now basically just offer positive, though smaller ones. There are also some that have small negatives, but they are offset by bigger negatives.

The Ambusher faction is less visible. (New NPS New Ambulators now roam the streets of Columbia, – he notes). This is what I immediately saw in my quick registration of the game. On the way to the checkpoint, I came across a few of these guys dressed in black, swinging with axes and having bows.

These numbers near your transfer score are easier to read. The numbered red, blue and yellow icons that reflect the number of items of equipment you wear, including buffs for attacking, defensive, and skill, respectively, are now assembled in the row below your gearbox. They are accustomed to being in a circle around your gearbox, like the moon around the planet. It made them hard to read, which was a problem because these numbers indicate that any special abilities on your armor or weapons are active. A new look is easier to read.

A redesigned tower of a sniper seems to be worth using. I never used the old version of the sniper tower. I think there were not many other people as well, because they changed it. Now, he automatically points to the enemy you are targeting and tries to shoot them. If you are not targeting the target, it finds one near and waits for a button to be launched. It's like having a friend in the game, for those of us who do not play with friends. Useful!

You can see how the underground entrances that are connected to each other as noted in Reddit. This is new, is not it?

There's new clothes … and it's still interesting. Is this to me or is there a dress in The Division 2 is basically a scrap? Today's update coincides with the launch of the "Clothes" event, which encourages players to continue to play in order to earn randomized clothing boxes. The offered clothes are based on the fact that the first three fractions of the enemy are worn. Unfortunately, these factions are unattractive. So, here's how my character might look like if I continue to play and try to get more clothes.

There are many more that has changed in today's update, including the obvious fixation in the glossy step of the game and fixing the final key ivory riddle.

The headliner attachments are World Tier 5, which implements weekly invasions of missions, and the tidal basin, which promotes the history of the game. None of us have yet come up with it, but when we do this, we'll tell you how it is. And maybe we'll be ready to review this game in the near future. Need to get this transfer rate.

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