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Trump waives the general withdrawal of Syria Hill

The moon of pressure from American lawmakers, European allies and defense officials forced President Trump Donald John Tramp Release the tax for ambiguous figures, the IRS data show that the White House warns Maduro as Venezuela orders a partial closure of the border with the Colombian Administration "Kozina "directs another 1,000 troops to the Mexican border. RESPONSIBLE to abandon one of the most important decisions taken over the past two years in the White House: his plan to withdraw US troops from C Rhee. that Trump agreed to leave about 400 troops in Syria only two months after he announced that the ISIS terrorist organization had been defeated in the country and that 2000 US troops would be there.

the number in a couple of hundred will remain in north-eastern Syria as part of a multinational force ", ̵

1; said the spokeswoman for the Pentagon Cmdr. Sean Robertson told reporters that "[The] multinational surveillance and monitoring forces will consist mainly of NATO allies that, together with US forces, will maintain stability and prevent ISIS rebirth in Syria." The changes are followed by repulsion from lawmakers, including from their own president's party, as well as the lack of support among European allies about the surprise of Trump on December 19th on Twitter that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was defeated in Syria and that, that the troops will "come back now".

"I think the administration looked high and low for allies who agreed with their approach, whether on the Capitol Hill, military or elsewhere, they did not find any support for him," said John Alterman Middle East expert Center for Strategic and International Studies

The decision upset Republicans and some democrats in the Capitol Hill, who said that they were left. For their part, and concerned that the withdrawal of troops would be beneficial only for the opponents of the United States of Iran and Russia, g Leading supporters of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad

Official defense officials also said they did not consult on the decision they had said would not raise concern that ISIS could gain new positions in the absence of US forces. Trump's pressure on troop withdrawal also triggered before the retirement of former secretary of defense James Mattis James Norman Mattis: Night Defense: The Demos Triple to vote on Tuesday against Trump's extraordinary statement | GOP expects several defects Trump doubles the number of troops in Syria to 400 Tram administration to 400 troops remaining in Syria The governing Syrian administration welcomes Tramp's decision to leave troops in the region MORE (19659003) two days after its announcement.

It would not have been my military council at the same time … I would not have made such a proposition, frankly, "the head of the Central Command of the United States, General Joseph Votel, stated earlier this month.

Alterman said that the change in Trump's plans was the result of the two-month process that had to take place before the original president's declaration – a process that included the intervention of defense representatives, legislators and allies with the Consulates

withdrawal of troops – these are attempts by the government below, "he said." The president did not receive a series of notes on option he considered a number of options in addressing the issue, and the president did not seem to want this process. This process, apparently, happened [but] he had to happen before the announcement of the president, and not after him. "

Alterman added that at that time as the administration searched people to support their opinion, "from the

Trump, meanwhile, denies that leaving 400 servicemen behind his initial plan, he told reporters that" I do not return the course " and again I declare ISIS "100% defeated."

"I did what nobody else could do. In another short period of time, like a clock, you will hear – hours and days – you will hear about the caliphate. The Pentagon has not officially announced the defeat of ISIS, and defense officials are estimated to have about 1000 militants remaining, even if its physical presence has almost dropped. Numerous troops and intelligence officials believe that the extremist group is still a threat.

Since December, lawmakers have joined forces to convince Trump to change the course, and Graham – often a frequent defender of Tramp's administrative policy – announced the release of "the deepest idea I've ever heard" at the end of April.

The Congress has also clearly expressed concern about the Kurdish forces in Syria. These forces make up the bulk of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a group that was used to help Washington defeat its IDIL in Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to launch a new assault on a group that Ankara regards as terrorists affiliated with Kurdish rebels in Turkey.

The administration last month laid the conditions for full withdrawal of troops, including assurances from Turkey that it would not be aimed at supporting Kurdish fighters in Syria, but Turkey was reluctant to give such promises of protection.

All warnings and reverse impulse had their effect this week.

A senior official from the administration told reporters that the 400 remaining military personnel in Syria will be divided between a group of about 200 people in order to create and maintain a safe area negotiated for Northeast Syria and 200 The United States military base at Al Thanf

based on al-Tanf, near the Syrian border with Iraq and Jordan, will remain "in the near future," and US troops in the safe area will be part of the expected 800-1,500 units

Robertson did not confirm that any European countries have put their troops in a safe area.

Asked if he was convinced that the allies would reinforce this role; the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, simply replied: "I am."

Later Trump described his new vision of military presence in Syria

"We can leave little strength with other forces, whether NATO forces or whatever, so that [ISIS] does not start again," said he. – And I – okay, it's a very small, small part of people. And many people love this idea. "

He also hinted that 1,600 troops to be withdrawn could be sent to other countries in the region, including Iraq, "where we have a very strong base."

Since Trump allows a small force to remain behind, Alterman stated that the administration had already damaged its position in negotiations on major concessions in the country.

"After the cancellation of the announcement, you have avoided a catastrophic mistake, but in this way, you will declare a complete recall, and in two months say:" Well, it's really only partly "- you have abandoned the enormous benefits that you could get from that worked together with other antagonists in Syria, "he said. 19659004] "First, we announce this, and then refuse it … we do not get anything in exchange for the withdrawal of 1600 servicemen."

Lawmakers at the GOP, meanwhile, seem relieved of being replaced this week. , despite

Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee James Ingoe James (Jim) Mountain InhoffAliers careful of Shanakhan's assurances with a Trump for money Emergency situation for the construction of the wall | Senate passes bill on financing Dems promises call for extraordinary declaration Trump will sign a border agreement, declaring a national emergency more MORE (R-Okla.) Having said that leaving little strength in Syria, "guarantees that any reduction reflects the conditions on the ground "And guarantees stability"

And Graham stated in his statement on Thursday night that the new White House plan "provides elements of Turkey and SDF that helped us defeat the IDIS, will not conflict."] "This will ensure that ISIS does not returned and Iran did not fill the vac the mind that would have remained if we were completely out, "said Graham." With this decision, President Trump has decided to stick to the right military advice, which ensures that we will not repeat Iraq's mistakes in Syria "

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