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Trump Reference: Democrats explain why the length of the issuance of a certificate of issue is 3 months.

The House of Democrats finally instructed the summons this week to get Muller's full report. They seriously responded to the request for Trump tax returns. They issued four submissions related to the process of issuing White House security documents and the administration's efforts to raise the issue of citizenship on the census.

But all this happens after three months in the democratic control of the House of Representatives. For many observing liberals, this is about damned time.

This was reinforced by the Head of the House Surveillance Ilya Kummings (D-MD), who told ABC News that, although he would issue a summons, he "does not want to issue" them. His comments were not accepted by critics from the administration of Trump. Ultimately, the biggest difference between a smaller home and a majority of the members of the Chamber is the exclusion of defendants.

Home Democrats insist that this slow walk to the challenge of the territory is part of the strategy. They say they want to give the White House a chance to voluntarily fulfill their requests. But the Trump administration obviously did not want to convey anything – whether officials for testimony or key documents – what the Democrats call a clear attempt to mask major investigations by the president, his administration, his business and his seven.

Rep. Jerry Connolly (D-MD), who heads the government sub-committee on oversight, said he understood the urgency need, but called it a "balance act."

. I think we need to try to make a public affair and bring with it a greater part of the public from the point of view of why we are doing what we do and what we do. "

. they are still waiting for key documents from the Trump administration about what went wrong in Puerto Rico after the hurricane Mary; they are waiting for the testimony of white officials on security permits; they are waiting for more information about the Trump National Trident declaration at the southern border. This list goes on.

"It's still very early in this new congress, we are trying to exercise prudence and responsibility," said spokeswoman Eric Swallwell (D-CA), who is sitting in the House of Judges and rumored to be the weight of the presidential proposal.

Democrats agree that they are approaching investigations methodically

  Protesters are demonstrating after President Trump's release from Attorney General Jeff Seff

People attend a rally the next day after President Donald Trump has resigned the Attorney General Jeff Session
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In a conversation, several Democrats on Supervision and Justice seem to have agreed: democrats should be methodical and sensible with how they are drawn ARE administration Trump, they say. They are not going to rush anything.

But the perceived wisdom behind this strategy is diverse; some say it's a case for building a lawsuit, others are trying to make a moral argument about taking the road to the investigation.

1) They want public support

It is convinced that the home-based democrats are approaching these studies, as they are viewed by the public. They see a mandate in the 2018 elections, turning over 40 seats to qualify for the majority, but it is obvious that the focus is on the scale of public opinion.

Independent voters in a very polarized time, "said Roh Khan, spokeswoman for the D-CA, who is also on the home care committee, adding that it is important that the work of the Democrat House be perceived as a constitutional obligation, not just an attempt

In a January poll by Washington Post and ABC, most Americans supported the House Democrats investigation in Trump's 2016 Campaign, Foreign Relations, Personal Financial Records and Records.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the public is capable of accelerating the specifics of issuing court permits or at all paying attention.

Nevertheless, the Democrats see wisdom in this methodological order. summons, forget that every time we hold a debate, it gives us the opportunity to do business with the public, and if you look at the survey data, we will win this discussion, "Connolly said.

But Connolly said that it is important that "people see that we are not just thrown into [it] and simply cause things".

2) They want to create a stronger legal case if they are challenged in court

Then there is an understanding that some Democrats' requests may end in court – in particular, the appeal to Trump's tax returns. The House and Traffic Facilities Committee eventually invited them on Wednesday evening, beginning with a likely lengthy legal battle.

The same applies to Muller's report.

"As I understand it, legally, we give a better period of stay to the Attorney General, which will be important if he is challenged in court, so we must give him the deadline for execution," said Steve Cohen (D-TN), who is a member of the judicial committee. a decision on the expectation between issuing permission to challenge Muller and issuing it.

The strategy of the Democrats around the investigations as a whole, Cohen was clear: "I think that we must be what the law allows us," he said. "I think we should be aggressive, but within, knowing that it might end in court, that we are not threatened in court."

3) There is an element of moral uplift

The basis of all this is the feeling that the democrats take a moral ground.

"We do not like the fact that they act in this way; Why do we want to act in the way they do it?" We respect the rule of law, they are not. Therefore, I believe that this is not a reduction of ourselves to what we despise How They Work. "

House Democrats Have a Large Oversight Body


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a Chamber with a Large Oversight Body.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Trump was baked in the mid-term elections of 2018. Allies of Trump assumed that the White House was "in siege," according to the Washington Post

. Congressional committees can not initiate criminal proceedings but they may find violations.

As Jeff Hauser, who manages the "Door Revolving Door" group on transparency and accountability at the Center for Economic Policy and Research, written in October for democracy, can indeed claim on the agenda:

Wonder whether Robert Merder's hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies, receives a favorite deal from the IRS Trump? Claim IRS records because Trump tax returns are not the only billions of tax returns to be requested by the Congress.

Interestingly, is the appeal of borrowers to consumers when the Consumer Protection Bureau was suspended? Issue of insults. Interestingly, how much the "big Pharma" spends on marketing, compared with research, and is skeptical of the current public numbers?

Want to know all the details about canceling the private shares of Toys R & # 39; Us and Sears, as well as many other former prosperous employers? Issue of insults. I wonder what Blackstone effect is in the home markets or if property fraud is still going on? Issue of insults.

It takes more time than some would like to see, but Democrats are trying to do it in their own way.

"I understand that we probably met methodically and, therefore, more slowly than some would like, and I understand the delayed appetite just to do it," said Connolly. "It's like a golden torch. One hot, too cold, all We will hope that we will arrive at that point of equilibrium, where it is correct "

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