Massive waves from the collapse of the Icelandic glacier make spectators quickly escape.
USA Today

Cooling of a video from Iceland shows a tournament group that runs for safety after a piece of ice broke through the edge of the glacier, causing a wave split.

A "huge lodge" was captured by a tour guide in the Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland and shared the Facebook page of the Hafjall Icelandic travel company. The treatment is relatively common in the area at this time of the year, but Stefan Mantler, the manager and owner of travel agencies, said that it was "extremely large" and close to the shore.

The video shows massive pieces of the glacier that break up, crash into the water and cause a wave that rises and throws itself to shore. People who are in danger, see how they escape.

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"Everyone who goes there will inform their leaders about what to do in case of a hotel," he wrote on Facebook, but the size and closeness of the break "made it a nearer challenge than usual."

Mantler said that everyone was taken into account after a break, and nobody was injured.

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