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Top 25 results in college football, overreaction, week 7: Clemson, Alabama, quickly chooses a place in the playoffs

This week, next week, the “big ten” will play its first part of the games in the 2020 season. A couple of weeks later, the Pac-12 and the rest of the FBS will join the party. This is a reminder that there is a lot of football that needs not only to be played, but also a lot of football that has not even started.

And yet the biggest game of the year feels like it just happened. Alabama and Georgia faced both teams in prime time, trying to prove that they are one of the best teams this year – if not the best team. This is a strange comparison. Currently plays a little more than half of the FBS, but in some respects the season is taking shape. With this comes new elections from Saturday̵

7;s rally. Here are the big overreactions from the 7th week.

Two places in the playoffs are already filled

I usually refrain from predicting college football playoffs [/checks calendar] nine weeks, but the victories of Alabama and Clemson struck me. Take Clemson’s 73-7 victory over Georgia Tech. It’s striking and a little impressive, but it’s not surprising that the Tigers have their own opponent. Clemson has not lost a conference game in three years and has now won the last 10 by at least three points. Coach Dabo Swinny has developed a killing machine. Can anyone from the ACC challenge them? Notre Dame? Virginia technology? Of course, Clemson could have had a “day off”, but that’s about the degree of my confidence that someone will take down this team on a certain Saturday.

Alabama looks a bit more fragile on the defense side, but think about what their 41-24 victory over Georgia means. Bulldogs are the most formidable opponent of the TEC. They get the type of “blue chip” talent needed to fight Alabama. They are well prepared. They probably have the best defense in the country. And Alabama put 40 burgers on them with 24 unanswered points and beat them by 17.

This is a long season. I understood that. Alabama and Clemson may not play well every week. They may even lose the game along the way. But in an awkward year when the resume is almost incomparable, how do you look at any of these teams and say they are not one of the top four in the country? I know, I know … what has changed, right? Really nothing, but watching their game, we are not moving to the playoffs of four teams, we are moving to two open places in the playoffs of four teams.

UCF shoots itself in the foot like no other

Naite should probably be 4: 0, but after dropping the game’s thriller to Memphis 50:49, they are 2: 2. In this game, everything was assigned – the only thing that was missing was the national rating attached to each team.

However, a common theme for UCF earlier this season? Bugs and bloated ice. The Knights were literally the most punished team in the country, joining on Saturday with an impressive 15 penalties per game. UCF was * slightly * better against Memphis with 10 penalties at 96 yards. However, the Knights also brought a 21-point advantage in the second half to the Tigers. This is on top of the 18-point advantage they brought to Tulsa two weeks ago. There is no denying the talent and speed of the offense, but these crashes and self-inflicted wounds prevent UCF from being one of the top 10 teams in the country. They are capable of it, they just can’t do it. This is for coach Josh Hoipel.

Tennessee needs a defender

It’s usually unfair to associate every offensive problem with a defender, but it’s hard to look at Tennessee’s 34-7 loss to Kentucky and not notice how bad QB’s game was in the first half. Just take a look at this series of events by Jarrett Guarantano and J. T. Shrut.

This is one way to get into the pit quickly, and to give full credit, Kentucky has excellent protection. The Wildcats were able to rely on their defense and their ground play to close the victory. Of course, defending the Tennessee Pass did not allow any defenders to begin work. and the protection of the blind was especially poor. But when mistakes fall into such a hole, one thing to rely on – a running game, becomes much more difficult. Coach Jeremy Pruitt has created a good program in Knoxville, but his next recruitment mission should be a quarterback with a high ceiling.

Freedom is a fun team that no one talks about

Full disclosure: I don’t know how good Svoboda really is when the Flames went 5-0 after beating Syracuse 38-21. For one thing, it’s good! Whenever a Group of Five team can beat a Power Five team, especially on the road, it’s an icon, even if the Power Five team isn’t a world fighter. On the other hand, Freedom’s victories took place against Western Kentucky, the FIU, North Alabama, Louisiana-Monroe, and now the Oranges. But here’s what I know: defender Malik Willis is perfect, and there are players everywhere who offend. They average 34.4 points per game and well over 400 yards per game. Upcoming matches against Virginia Tech, North Carolina and coastal Carolina (!!!!) will give a better assessment of how good the “flames” are, but they will crawl in the list of teams that should be given more attention.

Mississippi cannot receive protection

The imaginative troubles of Mississippi, as an unexpected LSU, are well documented. After losing an A&M match to Texas 28-14 on Saturday, the Bulldogs scored just one attack. This means that in the last three games, the assassination of Mike Leach has scored 21 points – and all losses.

If you’re wondering why, look no further than front protection. Focus – if you want to call it that – for the defense facing Mississippi, seven or eight coverage was fired in a hurry with only three or four. Yes, it worked against bulldog crime, but it’s because teams like Kentucky and Arkansas, and now Texas A&M, are actually coming home with that pass. For example, “Aggie” put different pressure on the defenders of Mississippi:

It’s a shame, because the Mississippi defense actually played well enough to win the game. But this victory over LSU for the opening of the season looks more like a deviation from the week.

Barry Odom for the Broils Award

Arkansas’ 33-21 win over Ole Miss was another example of the Brisbane being the most advanced team in the SEC – if not the entire FBS. The biggest improvement was in the defensive side of the ball, namely in the export. Arkansas has made seven draws against Ole Miss, including six interceptions against defender Matt Corral. Some of these interceptions were the result of unsuccessful / desperate throws by Corral, but Odom’s credit for drawing up another great game plan for defense.

The only thing Arkansas did “wrongly” was getting into the second half. It’s interesting to watch the Razorbacks again, and Sam Pittman and his staff did a great job turning the situation upside down. But if Pittman isn’t going to get a coach of the year at the SEC (he should), then at least Odom should be awarded the Broyles Award for Best Assistant.

The image of Virginia Tech is terribly good

It didn’t get much attention because it was in the same time frame as Georgia-Alabama, but Virginia Tech’s victory over Boston College 40-14 was another striking offense. The Hawks, against a fairly decent defense, put up 350 yards, throwing in 8.5 yards per attempt. Leading were runner Khalil Herbert and quarterback Handon Hooker, who had 307 yards on the ground combined plus three touchdowns. The technologists have been helped by five turns of Boston College, but when that grudge buzzes, it’s one of the toughest quick attacks to stop in the country. Follow Virginia Tech technology. The Hawks flew under the radar because they were not at full strength, but they are mean.

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