Brandon Lee talks about the physical quarrel between him and his father, the rock legend Tommy Lee, on Monday night

Valentine's Day Gift Tommy Lee, of course, broke chocolate and plush bears.

Motley Crue drummer, 56, hugging a social media star Britney Furlan, 32, Thursday, a year after he asked for her hand in marriage on Valentine's Day.

Young men took to Instagram to share photos of their dogs, Neena Da Viena and Wicket, dressed up as a bride and groom to announce their wedding.

"Holy (explosive) !!!! We did it! Mr. and Mrs. Lee," Lee signed the image, and Ferlan wrote: "It's officially !!!! We're married! MR & MRS LEE YAHOOOOOOOO." [19659005] Affiliated: Motley Crue Confirms Reunion, Promises Four New Songs

Furlan was a Virus Star on Vine and now has over 2 million Instagram followers. She revealed her relationship with a rocker on a documentary film Netflix "American Mem".

"I met a trusted person because I did not trust anyone with whom I had dated before. My first true love, and I'm finally safe and happy," said Furlan. "I'm the happiest girl in the world."

The pair began to meet in 2017, but Lee said that he is a well-known star of social media for much longer: "I followed her for years, and I looked like she was (expletive) funny and stupid and cute and beautiful. & # 39;

Newlyweds did not share any photos or details about their ceremony, but Lee released some shaking on Twitter.

"Holy (explosive) !! I'll marry in 4 hours!" he wrote on Thursday Thursday

This is the fourth marriage of Lee. Earlier, he married the model of Eileen Starchuk, the actress Heather Lockler and the actress Pamela Anderson, with whom he shares two sons – Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21.

As far as Furlan, this is her first time along the aisle.

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