The Arizona Police responded to a homebound call in a house in Chandler. Tommy "Tiny" Lister, a prominent actor who is probably best known for her hero "Deebo" from a franchise and his girlfriend was in dispute. She was streaming at the time, focusing the camera on him as he was sitting in the driver's seat of the car. She remembered Lister's wife, from whom she was separated, something that rubbed him in the wrong way.

When he returns and sees that she is taking him off, he tries to knock the phone out of her hand. Later, the couple heard that going back and forth through Lister, who called his daughter's names. A friend filmed Lister when he gets into the garage and tries to open the door to get into the house, but he is carrying too many items in his hands. He asks her to help him, but she says no, because he said that his daughter was "a foolish ass".

You can say that he is disappointed, so he comes back and goes to his girlfriend, and the camera, as his girlfriend supports. "You guys can call 911," she says to her viewers at Instagram Live. He asks her why she even says something like that and says to her: "You should never drink." She goes to him in the house and he tells her to turn off the camera. When she refuses, he stretches to the phone to knock it out of his hands.

"Do not surprise me!" his friend screams. "I did not hit you," Lister says. Someone called the "Zhyvomu" police, and according to TMZ nobody was arrested, and neither of them wanted to blame. The publication could directly talk to Lister, and he was reported to have told them that he had ever laid his hands on his girlfriend. All he wanted to do was get a phone from her. He also argues that this recent drama helped him decide on a rupture with her.