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TIME: Cubs transform the first triple MLB game in 2020 with a soulful call

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The first triple game in the MLB 2020 season is in books.

The Chicago cubs turned the first triple game of the short season into Wednesday night when Redsh shooter Shogo Akiyama lined up for Chris Bryan at third base with bases loaded in the seventh inning. Bryant made a catch for the first, stepped on the third base to double the runner for the second exit, then threw on the first base to double the runner for the third.

Here is the play:

The triple game was made possible by a blown up call. Repetitions showed that Bryant did not catch the ball in the air. He hit the dirt and bounced first, which, of course, did not work. It was supposed to be a double game when Bryant stepped in for the third to pull out a force and rushed to another force first, but that’s all.

“I had to just throw it to the second, and then he would throw it to the first, and then it would be four outs,” Bryant joked after the game, according to Jordan Bastian. He added that he was “convinced” that he had caught the ball before seeing the replay.

Believe it or not, this game is not subject to review. MLB rules state that playing away from home can be a trap, but they are not like the game. It’s just a judge’s call and just a judge’s call. Why? Beats me. Fair or foul can only be viewed on the road – it’s a super challenge in the ground – and the same goes for the trap game. Amazingly.

Of course, the triple play did not significantly affect the game, so the missed call was not worth the red. At that point, they were leading 12-5 and eventually winning by a 12-7 (field scale). Third base coach Larry Vanover fails. No harm, no foul.

The triple game of baseball is the first since the Twins turned into a triple game against the Braves last August. This is the first triple game for cubs since May 10, 1997 against the giants.

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