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Thoughts after the first road trip in 2019

Astros 8, Yankees 6: Walked in X'stone after the eighth inning rally

Sevy 🙁 (Mike Stobbe / Getty)

The first road trip to the 2019 season in books, and the Yankees go home for seventy seven years against the kings and various shades of Sox. Here are some thoughts.


The most recent injuries of Louis Severino are really bad news. The strains may be seasonal killers – Johnny Cueto (2013) and Noy Syndergaard (2017) were seasons with rails on the lat of the problem – because they are really easy to respond. It looks like a barbed injury in that That recovery and rehab may go well, then one sudden movement and bam is a failure and you are returning to the qu I think that the good news is that Cueto and Syndergaard did not show long-term effects and were excellent (and healthy) already next season. Severino has an inflammation of the rotator cuff on top of the Latent tension, although closing these next six weeks will help to understand this. its best starting jug for at least another two months now between the six weekly stopping period and returning to the form of the game, and this is the best script. These two "be too cautious, because you do not want any long-term problems" were injured too, so that Severino can be even longer. At this moment, the Yankees simply do not have to wait for Sevigno this season. Do not expect it to come back and treat everything that it gives the team as a bonus. (I already hear Aaron Boone, Brian Kashman, Hal Steinbrenner and the one who said that Northin's return in the middle of the season would be like trading and I'm a crazy Internet first.)

2. In a practical sense, what do I mean when I say that the Yankees should "not expect to get anything from Severino this season?" I mean, they should come closer to the term of trade with the intention of adding another starting jug, and good too. Yankees are half-measured too much of this past mid-season – they drop their premium tax rate last year and managed to spend the right to a $ 226M second-rate luxury tax this year, adding one solution difference to a free agent (Adam Ottavino), and I'm glad we close it. RAB because I do not know what to say about it – and they will win the team very much. When you try to win the World Series, at some point you have to go to get the best players and not worry about the best hit for the dollar. Here are some beginners who might potentially be available at the end of the trade date:

  • Madison Bumgarner, Giants
  • Mike Minor, Rangers
  • Ivan Nova, White Sox
  • Aaron Sanchez, Blue Jays
  • Blue Jays [19659011] Bumgarner did not look so good in its three starts so far – I have watched his walks against Padres for days, and nothing was easy, every bit was a slap (there is also this) – Obviously, he's big. yam Who knows how the Yankees see it. Personally, I want Bumgarner to look closer to the vintage Bumgarner before considering trading. The name value exceeds the actual value at this time. Sanchez is the guy who is most interested in me. Most likely, I must say that he will be most attentive in the next few weeks. I do not sell if I refuse the big package to get it yet. In the last two seasons, he is struggling for his injuries (last year he was hurt on a suitcase), and in the first two starts he looked normal. Speed ​​and movement are there. Sanchez is one way or another only 26 years old, and before he decided, he was unclear about the monster, which placed 3.00 ERA (3.55 FIP) in 192 filings in 2016. for the term of trade. Under control the following year, has succeeded in AL East, misses bats and gets nursers. Sanchez checks a lot of boxes. We will see how the next few weeks will take place. Now, given the situation in Severino, I think that the Yankees should look at the initial market of the corners of the market and be prepared to act when the time comes – and as soon as possible – and I'm not talking about the reverse dude or

    3. I know that it's still very early and he will probably be fine for a long time, but man, I do not feel too well about Zack Britton right now. The results were not good (5.2 IP, 8 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 4 BB, 4 K), and we see the same exact issues that followed it last year. In particular, he tries to command his sinker, and he lags behind per ton. I do not think he's biting. I think that he can not throw strikes right. In addition, Britton's brunette brand's speed is precise where it was last year, and not where it was during monsters with orilos. Take a look:

    Britton added speed to his weight when the season progressed last year, and he received further damage from Achilles injury, and I hoped that I would endure this season. This did not happen. Probably, the sinking speed will return after the weather gets warm and it will hit mid-season, but this is a year that is actually a three-year contract (through the player's option), and we are already hoping for speed in the summer months. Not fine! Expecting a 31-year-old two years away from hand problems to recover speed is not a good place to be. The fact is that Britton can still be effective at this speed. In fact, it is very effective. It just needs a better team than what it has now (ie nothing), as well as better defense. I have not yet announced a bad signature. Early, and the recording of Britton is weight, plus the Yankees are in favor of doubt. I just say that I am not very encouraging now. I was hoping to see an old Britton – or at least something close to it – following his first fully healthy offseason in a few years. It does not. The whole Super Bullpen thing only works when the guys drop as expected, and Britton certainly is not, and it was a few years and a few injuries, since he was a junk jar, it is expected he will (subject to his contract).

    ] 4. The expansion of Xander Bogaerts (six years and $ 120M from 2020-25) is not related to Didi Gregorius. There are very few similarities between the two, except for position and division. Bogaerts is almost three years younger, he was a bit better last season (133 wRC + and +4.9 WAR vs. 121 wRC + and +4.6 WAR), and he's healthier. Age and health are two key differences. I can not imagine that Sir Didi gets six years or $ 20 million a year. Not so soon after Tommy John's surgery and not in this market. The fact that the Bogaerts case is ridiculously cheap. I thought he had a fairly good chance of contracting $ 200 million after the season as Prime Minister. (I thought that the Yankees signed it more than once during the winter, maybe even as a third person with chatter, while Gregorius remained for a short time.) The expansion of Alex Bregman helped create a market for the potential expansion of Aaron's judge. Eloy Jimenez's deal undermined Gleyber Torres's potential expansion market. Extend Bogaerts? I do not think that it is generally related to Gregorius. They are at very different points in their car – Bogaerts is detected in only 27 (!) In October – and the case of Tommy John surgery is a complex factor. Love Didi. He is cool forever with me. He just does not have a sufficient case for an agreement on the level of Bogaerts, even just in terms of annual salary.

    5. There is definitely "you have to watch him every day to see how good he is" the quality of DJ LeMahieu. He is not going to launch .471 BABIP or put on the ground forever .533 (!), But he knocks out the balls, he hits the ball in all the fields, and he works fine with a glove. Even on the third base, where he had almost zero experience, he played very well in defense. Mixing in a home run every single instant would be nice, although I'm sure it will eventually hit the moon. In addition, the Yankees always have power. When the Yankees are in full force (if they are ever in full force), LeMahieu will be the perfect striker # 8 or # 9. A swift attacker at the bottom of the order that can earn in the run-up, and also set the table to the top of the order after the ruler is set up. Injuries forced the Yankees to use LeMahieu closer to the middle of the lineup at the beginning, but what can you do? Injuries stop the registry and the shuffle line. The fact is that it's good in the early days of LeMahieu as the Yankees, and I suspect there's not a small number of Yankees fans who do not like signing, but as it is now, seeing it everywhere around the game in the last two weeks. LeMahieu is not a star or something. However, he can help his team win in several different ways.

    LeMahieu. (G Fiume / Getty)

    6. I already have Troy Towovicki in Jacobi Elsbury. So, now he can fill his role, and so, healthy players are better than traumatized players, but it is not a factor. The Yankees really do not miss him, and I'm not all that very ready to see him back on the field. Over the past six weeks, Tovovytsky has not shown much to suggest that he may be something bigger than the bottom of a leader who does not protect his team. Gio Urshela and Tyler Wade are also the bottom of the line, except that they are both legitly above the average in this area and they do not need to be tied to the time of the game. (Two weeks ago, Boone said that the Yankees did not want to play Talovka for more than two consecutive days at the beginning of the season.) The idea that Tulovetsky proposed upwards never made sense to me – it is very strange for me to use "up" to describe 34 year old boy who did not play for 18 months and was not good for three years (why there are no anonymous sources that say that Craig Kimbrell has the opportunity? – And I do not think that he is better than the boys whose Yankees are now are in the register. The depth is good and important.Toolovitsky and Ellsbury on the MLB-register Urshela / Wade and Mike Tauchman in Triple-A are better at Tulowitzki and Ellsbury on the injured list. It does not seem that the Yankees miss much right now. Tulowitzki does not move much of the needle if it is moving at all.

    7. Speaking about the plots of land, I do not understand why Urshela starts over Wade. It does not make sense for me. (Yes, I know that Wade started last night.) None of the guys will be badly hit, but they will play a comfortable midfield defense. Wade is the best runner, but the probability that Urshila will have a long-term role with the Yankees is very small. Probably, he will be lost for refusing or choosing a free agency when the Yankees throw him out of the register later this year. Wade is three years younger and has at least a chance – a small, but nonetheless a chance – he can have a long-term role with the Yankees. I do not know. They both will play in excellent defenses and will not get much. Wade will add more value to the base, and he's a bit younger. The Yankees will not sacrifice anything on the field in the short term, and they can get something in the long run. Wade in a second with LeMahieu on the third will be my best alignment, not Urshela on the third and LeMahieu per second. When the difference in the expected production is tiny (and in fact zero), diverting the young boy to a role in the bench so that the wallet can play every day back to me.

    Astros 8, Yankees 6: rolled in X'Ustonia after the eighth inning rally
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