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This person lost 125 pounds without abandoning carbohydrates or sugar

Dan Keiver willingly admits that he once lived a rather sedentary way of life. As an IT specialist, his days went by sitting in front of the computer, and it did not end on his day. Instead, he went home and fell to his PC to play video games. Everything that sits leads to one: an increase in weight. At its heaviest, Keiver weighed 325 pounds. After years of struggle to conceive a child with his wife, Kevver knew that he was enough, and threw a huge £ 125 on his way to becoming a father.

"From my youth I was hard, but after I got into adulthood, he really got out of control," – he says. Keiver found that most of his conversation turned around food. Even at home, his world focused on food.

"The management of portions and snack were my problems," he says. "I ate so much and I ate when I got bored. I also had ̵

1; and still have – a sweet tooth, so it did not help. " Coupled with his despair for development, this behavior was a recipe for the catastrophe of gaining weight. Despite the fact that he found that he sweats, performing hidden tasks, for example, to clean his house and to strictly warn his doctor about his weight, none of this had any meaning for Keiver. Until the day when his son was born.

"There was a very clear light bulb for me," said Caver when he decided that he needed to be healthy. – My wife, who also struggled with obesity, and I tried to have a child for years without success. Finally, we have succeeded through ECO. "

A couple, however, did not decide to have children later in life. When his son was born, Kayver was 39 years old and his wife was 41 years old. At that time, Caver could not help thinking of his father, who also struggled with obesity and died of heart disease in 53 years.

"When my son was born, I could not do mathematics, and it frightened me. If I had reached my father, I would have left my son for 14 years. I had to do better than this, "he says.

To begin his new, healthier lifestyle, Caver began his diet. He did not want to try any diet that felt unstable. Instead, he used good old-fashioned calories, modeling calories, and tried to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and protein.

"Until today, I keep track of everything I am importing on MyFitnessPal ," he says. Keiver also uses the food scales at home and one at work to effectively monitor its nutrition. Although losing weight, he is stuck in food between 1700 to 1800 calories a day and is aimed at losing weight about two pounds a week.

"When I started, my IQ supply was pretty poor," he says. "I knew I had a budget for calories, but for some time I did not know how much protein, fat, carbohydrates and sugar I have every day. Since then, I've learned to maintain my protein intake higher and be more cautious with carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fats. I do not restrict carbohydrates, but I'm cautious not to go overboard and not beat down all my calories.

Next, he added in his usual work. He joined the local Rec Center and started working three days a week simply by performing a cardio. Later, he added to the routine of weight three days a week and also fell to two days a week cardio. This, he explained, helped him to pick up more mass, while still losing weight.

"The results on a scale were immediate, but the first changes that I actually noticed were my clothes," said Caver. "In fact, I think my wife noticed before I did, and said that my" jeans hang from my ass "." It was great, "he said." I was looking forward to weighing every day. "

Finally, at the age of 41, Kaver hit his goal of 180 pounds but more than weight he was excited to impress his goal of staying healthy.

"Frankly, I did not plan to go beyond 200 pounds, so I for the first time I saw that "1" in front of my weight on a scale felt pretty incredible, "he says." I do not think that I'll ever think that I would udu in the 100's in adulthood. I made it so that I photographed this "198" for posterity. Now I feel fantastic in 180.

Another momentary moment came when he returned to the same doctor who warned him of an overactive fatty liver. – Last summer I had a physical one, and my blood pressure was in place. My blood test looked great. And my doctor struck me with news, "well … … you're right." I was tempted to make him repeat it so I could write it, "he says. "At age 41, I've been in the best form I've ever been, and I'm still leaving."

Now Keiver is working and playing with her active two-year, and continues to enjoy running and cycling. As for the next, he aimed his first half of the marathon this summer. His success inspired his wife to throw 95 pounds for herself; that the support system is what Caver believes can help others find success. As he says, "I would say to anyone who wants to lose weight in order to find support." (And, perhaps, we will find a cool, supportive partner, ready to fight with you, too).
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