And we are very excited to scoop these discoveries.

The latest Aldi product brings perfume to Sunday brunch in a pre-mixed bottle.

A German discount grocer is already known for its discount wine and whiskey, but he also builds the following for his bottle mimosa, which

Orange returned and joined the new pineapple mimosa, which is sold on Wednesday in stores that are involved in the whole country

750-ml bottles are sold for $ 8.99 each and include freshly squeezed juice. They have 8 percent alcohol in volume

But be prepared to go empty-handed if you can not get to the Aldi early, since supplies are both limited. Some stores also start selling earlier.

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Munch Lunchables launches breakfast line called Brunchables

Aldi sells pineapple and orange mimosa, while stocks are the last. (Photo: Kelly Tyko, USA TODAY)

Not all Aldi stores sell alcohol because some states and cities do not allow grocery stores to sell alcohol. Find places where alcohol is sold at There is also a recipe for a mimosa bar on the site.

In addition to mimosomes, Aldi adds more to its limited collections of Easter special items, including cookies with carrot cakes, coconut pasta and decorating Easter eggs

Specialty retailers, especially alcoholic, often sell quickly.

In November, the world's first son's son and wine Advent in the United States, which quickly sold out in most stores in a few minutes and returned to

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