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The Real Prince The Split of Prince William and Kate Middleton made them stronger

There are parts of the love story of Kate Middleton and Prince William, which sound like they came straight out of a fairy tale. At the beginning of the 2000s, they met visiting St. Sophia's University. Andrew in Scotland. They made their public attitude in 2004 when William took Kate on skis.

Since then, the world was in love with how truly both these two are in love. Now, almost 15 years after they unveiled their relationship, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held a fabulous wedding and three wonderful children.

However, Kate and William had a short time, when not everyone smiled and the sun. Four years before they finally knotted the knot, the pair of forces broke up a little. Although the news of their break was devastating for a young couple at that time, in the end, she seemed to have made their relationship stronger than ever.

  Kate and William went together
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Chris Jackson – Pool / Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton dispersed for 4 months

In 2007, after the couple met for about four years, they decided to take a break from March to July of that year. Although there is a lot of speculation about why Kate and her young prince call her a refusal, the general reason seems to be too much pressure on the young couple. At that time, poor Kate could not even open the front door without a squall of paparazzi, trying to paint a friend of Prince William.

Shortly before the split, William's spokeswoman issued a statement stating: "Prince William is very dissatisfied with the persecution of his girlfriend. He wants more than nothing to stop. Miss Middleton, like any other private person, should be able to handle her day-to-day business without such interference. The situation is unbearable for all concerned. "

It is also reported that when they are split, William allegedly said Kate: "I can not … it just will not work. This is not fair to you.

"What does not kill you makes you stronger"

Although the gap was difficult for Kate, she later discovered that the split was in fact useful for her welfare. In the interview, immediately after she and William took up, she commented on the disintegration, saying: "I think that I was not very happy at that time, but in fact it made me a stronger person … you will learn to yourself that , maybe you did not understand. Or I think that you can be completely consumed by relationships when you are younger. I really appreciated this time for me, although I did not think that at that time he looked back at him. "

William and Kate "To Happiness"

Many people say that "your former one is your former cause," and once you leave someone, you will never be able to have a healthy relationship with that person again. However, Kate and William have shown that this statement is incorrect and has shown that sometimes the absence can really make the heart grow.

The couple is now married to three wonderful children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. From the way both of them look at each other, with a spark in their eyes, it's obvious they are more in love than ever before.

We do not know what the future is for this royal couple, but with such a strong love as we do, we know that regardless of where life takes them, while they together, they will always be happy.

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