After a two-party vote on the legislation on border security, the senators were split over the plan by President Donald Trump to declare an emergency at the national level, allowing him to build more of his border wall. (February 14th)

WASHINGTON – There is always a tweet.

In 2014, President Donald Trump objected to then-President Barack Obama through his use of executive power in immigration. Faster than in the past few years, and Trump is expected to do the same.

"The republic should not allow Prema Obama to break the US Constitution for his own benefit and because he is not in a position to negotiate with the Congress," Trump said in his tweet on November 20, 2014.

is now planning to use his executive powers to determine a national emergency to receive additional funds on the wall along the southern US border. The White House announced on Thursday that it would make a statement after signing a bipartite financing bill that would provide $ 1.375 billion. For the 55-mile border, much less than the $ 5.7 billion demanded by Trump. The funding bill will not allow the government to give up, as it was in December, prompting a record-breaking long stop.

This step will allow Trump to avoid a democratic opposition in order to receive more funding on the wall, but this may involve legal challenges from legislators and others who viewed this step as seizing power and violating the Constitution.

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In 2014, Trump had such convictions. His tweet, which attacked Obama for the use of executive power in immigration, was specifically directed to an order that protected up to 5 million immigrants from deportation and supported the protection of people who were brought to the United States illegally as children.

Although positions were canceled, Obama was also disappointed by the lack of Congressional actions for what he viewed as an impaired immigration system. Obama's decree went deadlocked with the Republicans in Congress, which during the election this month took control of the Senate and the House. The White House at that time said to allow Obama's orders were steps to "fix our broken immigration system." More: Democrats, Republicans warn Trump against the announcement of emergencies through the financing of the border wall

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Trump was far from alone in the assault on Obama in 2014. for acting unilaterally, and the Supreme Court finally stopped this plan in 2016.

Even Vice-President Trump, Mike Pens, condemned Obama's decision.

Speaking at a meeting of the Republican Association of Governors in 2014, Pens attacked the idea of ​​using presidential powers for unilateral action under the opposition in Congress.

The then governor of Indiana said that "assaulting the country that protects" such measures is "not a leader." Leadership, he argued, came from negotiations and found a "common language."

Penance said Obama's order was "a profound mistake," and said that he did not believe that the president should be able to "turn the American Immigration Law to blow hands."


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