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The more we learn about “Halo Infinite”, the more it sounds like “Destiny”

Come on hell or a lot of water, it seems that Halo Infinite will really make its promised launch window and be released alongside the Xbox Series X. After a somewhat delicate gameplay debut at Xbox Games 343 tries to better explain the look we saw.

And the more I hear about this game, the more it sounds like The Fate of Bangui. And while I wouldn̵

7;t consider it bad at all, it’s definitely interesting to see.

The first aspect of this was that we learned right during the debut that 343 doesn’t make another full Halo game very, very long (hence “Infinite”) and that Halo Infinite will serve as a “platform” for delivering future Halo content, whether new campaigns, multiplayer modes, etc.

This sounds almost identical to the strategy Bungie adopted for Destiny 2, abandoning Destiny 3 (which may have been released in the parallel universe this fall), but instead continues to make content for Destiny 2 for the indefinite future, using the base game as a platform. We’ve been in Destiny 2 for three years now, and we have another three years (at least) of content and extensions planned for the game, as Bungie has already made a map of Beyond Light, The Witch Queen and Lightfall for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Halo did not get such a specific, it is clear that this is a similar concept.

And here is the game itself. Speaking on press Q and A, 343 Industries studio manager Chris Lee spoke more about what the new open world will be like for Halo (via WCCFtech):

“The Halo Infinite campaign is the largest campaign we have ever created in the Halo game. It’s an open, extended experience for players, and it’s several times bigger than our last two campaigns combined. I think thinking about it is what Halo perceives open gameplay, and how you can provide a player with an unprecedented level of freedom. We really wanted to capture the moment when players could feel what it would be like to be in the ring for foreigners and unlock secrets and something new equipment or updates during the campaign. And I have one way to give them more specific examples when you look at a demonstration. We showed, and you look at this view in the elevator. There’s a ton of ring you can see there, and it’s just part of the space that players can explore, and where the Master Chef story will take you through the entire campaign experience. ”

“One way to think about it, which we’ve talked about sometimes, is to think about taking Halo CE, knocking down walls and giving players the freedom to explore. And while we have such an open experience, we want there to be equipment and updates that you can find in the world along the way, so there are things you can get involved in as you go around the world, and continue the story of Master Chef. ”

So they compare it to Halo CE, although all I hear about how it sounds is like Destiny’s scattered patrol zones, which contain everything from campaign missions to strikes to world events, and are obviously full of secrets that you you can learn how Well. I’m not sure if the whole game is just exploring one giant zone in the ring, if there are several zones, but it could be the whole action of the “platform” that takes effect, and more zones can be added later.

The difference, of course, is that Halo still mostly operates FPS, not MMO or ARPG. It’s about the “equipment and upgrades” you encounter in the world during the game, but obviously we’re not talking about “loot” in the traditional sense of Destiny. No accidentally rolled Needles or Combat Rifles come unambiguously.

If it sounds like I’m still slagging on Halo Infinite, I’m not. I actually think so fine The idea of ​​a franchise evolving past its mostly linear campaigns, as well as exploring the open world at Halo, especially with Warthogs and new movement tools such as a robbery hook, sounds like a lot of fun. And no, I wouldn’t expect Halo to go with a full shooter like Destiny, but I think they obviously looked a little bit at Bungie for inspiration and formatting, both in terms of a game that works as an ongoing platform, and focuses on large, open global areas for campaigning and other potential events. If anything, it makes me feel a little better about Infinite than I just felt based on these early shots.

We’ll see what the final product looks like, but it’s experiencing a significant development of the franchise, and hopefully it will be a good thing.

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