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The ghost of the premiere of the Bly estate is an Easter egg for Stephen King’s film “Shining”

Now that Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor is out for more than a week, giving many a chance to watch most or all of the 9-episode series, let’s quickly return to the first episode of “Wonderful Beautiful Place” and take a look at the hilarious nod from Stephen King / Shining, who flashes fairly quickly. Of course, this is in line with the fact that director Mike Flanagan would throw a reference to the King, and even Radiant, given how he adapted the novels of King Geralds and Game Son – the latter of which was a sequel to both the book “Royal Brilliant” and the film Senley Kubrika “Shining”, which contains some of the most iconic horror movies of all time.

At the beginning of Bly Manor Dani Victoria Pedretti, who will soon move to Bly Manor, stops in a London dormitory ̵

1; in room 217. Better known to fans of the king as a room with an evil ghost of a naked woman in the bathroom in the Shine. This phantom, and the bath too, are actually returning with great popularity to Dr. Son.

Of course, in Kubrick’s film, which contains a lot of changes to the king’s original material, a room that haunts both Jack and Danny Torrance, Room 237. But in the book it is room 217. Here Danny returns to his room …

Here’s a little history on why the room changed. The hotel behind the appearance of The Overlight in The Timberland Lodge posted the following information on its website:

Kubrick was asked not to portray room 217 (referred to in the book) in the film “Shining”, as future guests in the lodge may be afraid to stay there. So the film replaced the non-existent room, room 237. Interestingly, but somewhat ironically, room 217 is requested more often than any other room in Timberline.

Of course, Flanagan used the original room number from the book for this fun little hat tip.

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