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The final of a true detective begins with a bluff, then tells a new story.

Mahershala Ali
Screenshot: True Detective / HBO
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"Now I Found" delivers everything I was expecting from the finale True Detective : two hard men who speak as contest, a habitually fun dungeon for the kidnapped

"Now I'm Found "also delivers the last thing I expected from True Detective : happy end.


In his first scene, "Now Am Found" looks like braised toxic courage. Edmund Hoyt ( Michael Rucker, gray and roaring) and his guards lead Wayne Hayes into a countryside where two men can face the edge of the bluff with all the threat posed by it. Hoyt walks in his tactical jacket, whiskey off the bottle, talking about "turning the eggs back," and making not too veiled threats. "We are both soldiers," he reminds Hayes.

Wayne Hayes understands sorting. As we saw in Woodard Altercation, he is hopelessly brave and smart on the field. But when he really is under fire – when his family threatens, he understands how to prioritize. In the end, the appearance of Hoyt has little to do with history, but it is a good reason for Wayne to finally return to work for the police, and a compelling reason – to reconsider the life he has and make him a life that he wants. While sitting at VFW with Amelia, speaking about their marriage, Wayne Hayes shows the type of self-awareness and understanding most people come after many years of therapy. "I just realized that I want your approval," he says to his wife, "and sometimes I do wrong, because that's what you want." He does not blame her, he does not try to deny that he promised her to say everything. He makes mistakes and is obliged to change.

He promises more than this. Wayne is ready to leave his car at the state police so that Amelia leaves her elementary school teacher so they both left the case of Persell. During this season, we saw how this couple laughed at each other with a quiet, painful accuracy. It's joyful to see how they encourage each other with the same confidence, and see how they are combined with a simple, durable hand holding.

Mahershala Ali
Screenshot: True Detective / HBO

is a secret between us ", – he continues. "And this is what we and you – who we are together, our marriage, our children – it's all connected with the dead boy and the missing girl". For the second time in a few minutes, Wayne Hayes shortens her family habits and talks. about the things they talked about for so long. "Let's put this thing," he says. "This is not ours."

Even before their profound, productive conversation with VFW in 1990,
Wayne and Amelia tend to be vulnerable to each other. When is it
the bosses give him a simple choice, refuse Amelia's newspaper article
or getting shots on the desktop, Wayne chooses a downgrade for betrayal. When
She is relentlessly reluctant with indignation; she chooses to give him "to-do" – also in the VFW, in 1980.
he thinks he broke out of Woodard's shootout, but instead it's something bigger, better, worse. "I think I want to marry you," he says to her, looking for words. – I did not think it would happen to me. I did not allow myself … I did not expect this. You .

The first seven episodes of the third season True Detective concerned retention: keeping parts, keeping attachments, keeping time and attention. Wayne, Amelia, Roland, Henry, even missing Beck are back from vulnerability. In the final, they all break out of their defensive reserve. "Now I'm found" is a parade of hugs and hands that invite each other in a shared life.

Ray Fischer, Makhershala Ali

Mahershala Ali, Ray Fischer

Makhershala Ali, Deborah Ayorinde

Stephen Dorf, Makhirshala Ali

Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff


Wayne and Amelia make the 1990 crisis a chance to cure their marriage (in fact, to reveal the marriage they face somewhere under the soulless fog of Purcell's case), Roland West sublimates and spoils the battle. Crashing into a biker bar, he chooses a likely opponent and begins to ridicule the images … but this is a typical image of the image. – I always thought, all those garbage pieces of garbage going out to the ground? Who is doing? Although Roland complains about the biker, and on his date, it is his bullying over the very idea that they can create the seven who brings him the first blow. But even Roland hugs a scalded dog that wanders, and thus Roland begins his own seven.

Good Dog, Stephen Dorf
Screenshot: True Detective / HBO

Amelia says Wayne, "when you write history," it's important to know how you want it to end. " When Wayne tells her what he thinks he wants to get married to her, she asks, "How would you do it?" knows that the story of life is not what happens to you. This is what you do because the story of life is not summed up by events. The history of your life is the history of choice that you make.

"What to do if the ending does not end at all?" – asks for Wayne's vision of Amelia behind him in a dim study. – And if there is another story? What to do if something is left uninterrupted? All this life, all this loss. What if it was really a long story that lasted and went until it got healed? Would not it be telling the story? Is not this a story to be heard?

Julie Persell's police file was a story about a lost little girl who has never been found. Her innumerable story was a dark fairy tale about the princess who entered the pink underground in the cemetery. Her cover was tabloid food, the escape that collapsed in the streets, dying young in the monastery. But her true story is one of the found families, leaving the past and building a life for themselves and their family.

Mahershala Ali
Screenshot: True Detective / HBO

Look at the eyes of Wayne Hayes as he has a glass of water standing in
a thriving courtyard on the Alleague ridge. I believe that he sees the truth
before him, only for a minute before he slips out again. And I
believe that he releases him, how he decided to write down his address
but not his reason for what she wants. Life consists of a choice, and Wayne Hayes chooses to have the answer he pursued all these years back in the heap of his memory.

Deborah Ayorinde, Stephen Dorf, Mahersal Ali, Rey Fisher, Sala Bamis
Screenshot: The Real Detective / HBO

Like Younis Watts, if you came to this episode, looking for punishment to look more abyss, you will be disappointed Unlike previous seasons, and unlike the previous episodes of the third season, "Now Am Found" does not apply to the construction of a case. It is about building a life. It's about building a family, even if you (as in Roland West) you start late.

Happy end! How lucky is the granite prestige police show end to get, one way or another, and as much end as any story gets, which means that there is no end to everyone. Not with Henry Hayes – the real detective junior, – throwing the address of Lucy Purcell in his pocket later, and not from the last lingering image of the young Wayne going into the lush, confused jungle of his own memories. Life, especially the life of the family, is not a book that closes. This is a story that continues until it cures itself and will not harm itself and re-heal itself.

Stray Observations

  • These are people who choose their seven in True Detective : Roland chooses to sleep from Wayne, Wayne chooses to allow him, Mike Ardoin (Nathan Wetherington) to rescue Julie from the monastery , Roland makes a close brother Tom and Tom reciprocated. An attempt by Isabel to buy Julius and Lucy an attempt to sell it destroyed the lives of all the participants; Beck's distance from his father is a trick that gives his character an extra dose of an angel, which easily deviates when the time comes.
  • Not surprisingly, Mahershala Ali, who on the night of this first broadcast received the second Oscars award – created
    sophisticated, multi-layered performance for the character of Wayne Hayes
    ages Surprisingly, how much the balance has gone up
    Meet him, and this is more true than Stefan Dorff. I enjoyed his work for many years, but for me, his ten-year character is characterized by early claims to the most unexpected figures of the year.
  • As the wife of Henry Heather, this is Sola Bamis responsible for half Mad Men The most understated Sardinian exchange.
  • For you, Stephen Williams may be Rufus Turner or Virgil or Quentin Dickinson, but for me he will always be Mr. X, and his gravity does the same priceless work here, giving the illusion of depth to the signed character.
  • Thank you for joining me The third season of a true detective !

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