PHOENIX – Milwaukee Brewers are not returning Mike Mustakas to the Travis Shaw from the third base to the second base, as it was during the last two months of the 2018 season.

Brewers return Mustakas back to

If you have not noticed before, those who make decisions for this team, like to think from the box.

Not able to confirm the signing of a contract with Mustakas for a $ 10 million contract until he passes his physical exam on Tuesday. to the second base. This suggests that Mustakas shows that he can cope with it during spring training, of course.

"We would have looked at Mike at the second base, that's what we are going to do, because that's something we do not know," said Kounsel. "At some point we should have to make a decision."

"What we talked about is no different than the conversation we held at the end of July last year when we discussed all this. Basically, what happened has Travis done a very good job (on the second base), and we ended up not to study Mike at the second base.

"Now that we have spring training, we have time to do it. This is something for which spring training. "

A show of 6-4, 230 pounds did a decent job, having made the transition to the second base on the fly last season, in the midst of the playoffs race. Accordingly, Brewers believe that Moustakas from 6-0, 225 pounds will be able to make the transition, taking into account the full spring preparation for performance.

Despite the transition to the second base in the last two months of the 18th season, the show was the finalist of the National Gold Gloves League on the third base, indicating his prowess in this post. Thus, it was decided to see how the Moustakas, which is evaluated as slightly below the average in the third, looks at the second base.

"I do not think we will see what we do not expect completely, but I think it's worth the spring training," said Cozcel. I actually talked to Mike a few weeks ago. He was on board for the first time (he was discussing), and he was still on board.

"Anyone who goes there will still have a third base time, but one of them will be the first second person with a nose."

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Counsell already informed the Shaw about the plan, and the Show talked by phone Mustakas, so he was not surprised by the news, although he probably will continue to work on the second base, Shaw said to focus first on the third base, and this the position he is expecting to play. I still think of myself as a third person in baseball, and we will see what plan moves forward. But at the moment, I still plan to play the third base

. – It's nice to have some versatility; it obviously helps through the season. At the same time, you still want to know what your role is and what you are trying to do every day. "

As to the return of Mustakas to the scene, Shaw said: "This is a one-year deal. . He is going to help our team this year and extend our warehouse, so it's obviously a great benefit to the team. "

Since brewers make a lot of defensive shifts, Moustakas will not be asked to show the tone of the band on the second base. But do not doubt it's about crime, not about protection.

The purpose of the brewers is to gather an elite crime without any spots in front of the jug. With the addition of Yasmani Grandal to the hunter and Moustakas on the second, the lineup will not have cracks if Orlando's Archia's striker hits him like he did at the end of last season, coming out of a sustained downturn. A good lineup because I used to be a part if you look at it on paper, "leftfielder Ryan Braun said. In addition, it simply complements our depth. As we all know, during the season your depth will be checked.

"The higher the quality of players that you start every day and the torn from the lava, the more beneficial you will inevitably have to deal with the difficulties as a team. It makes us much better; it adds to the depth and strength of our lineup. It really deepens our line, from one to eight, without a doubt. " On the day when Eric Thames plays the first base, pop on this side of the disc will also include the Show and Christian Eliha. – This is one place that, in my opinion, may be better. I believe that we are collecting a group of players that we consider daily and can give many problems.

"The best way to do this is to create a peculiar circle in your warehouse that does not have a lightweight. This is the best way to do this. I think this is the best way to create a sequence. That's what we have. There are not places in the lineup, which is easier to go in. This is a complex composition for jugs for navigation four or four times a night.