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The best way to make a mobile call on your PC

Call Of Duty: Mobile was released worldwide earlier this week for Android and iOS devices. It's a strange mix of different cards, guns, and mechanics from different games of the past Call Of Duty . It is also developed by a company owned by Tencent. So I decided to download CoD: Mobile to the official Android Tencent emulator on my PC and let the game spin with the mouse and keyboard.

If you don't know, back in July, Tencent launched GameLoop, which is an official PC emulator that allows players to download and play a select number of mobile games using their mouse and keyboard. It has been launched with the support of the PUBG mobile and continues to be updated, with new services being added to the service as they are launched.

Since Tencent is involved in the development and release of Call Of Duty: Mobile I decided to check if GameLoop supports COD: Mobile. I played a few matches on my phone and enjoyed it, but it felt like I would have more fun with better control. (Although touch management is surprisingly good, one of the best I've encountered in a mobile shooter.) So I downloaded GameLoop and found that yes, COD: Mobile does indeed support the emulator. [19659005] The illustration for the article entitled "The Best Way to Play Mobile Phones" on PC / /

The COD: Mobile game on PC is a very strange experience. Visually, this is not as good as previous games in It made sense for phones, but it looks a lot better than I expected, and it was clocked at 60 frames per second. (Most of the time.) A variety of different game cards also gave an amazing game experience COD: Mobile on PC, like I was playing some weird combination of several games Call Of Duty rebuilt in Unity.

But COD: Mobile playing with a mouse feels much better than when you touch it, it seems obvious, but Tencent did a great job making it feel great on the mouse and keyboard. it doesn't seem like i'm playing some weird hacked port of the mobile game, but i often forget that i'm playing what is really free game on android. Well, so far he hasn't asked me a dozen times to buy credits and combat pass XP. Then it became clear that this is really a great shooter, free to play.

And to be clear, this is entirely permissible. I'm not breaking any rules or cheating. This is the official way to play COD: Mobile on a PC. However, sometimes feels like a hoax. You see, the mouse and keyboard are very accurate ways to control the game compared to a small touch screen. That is why I often dominated matches. Yes, the game has a lot of bots in its matches, but even when the real players came out, I felt like I was doing a lot better than I usually do in Call Of Duty.

The biggest advantage a mouse gives me over mobile players is the ability to rotate quickly when I hear a shot or get damaged from behind. The ability to turn around, align the target and shoot in a second makes it difficult for mobile players to get a drop on me. I also found that I could have won the long-distance fights better, possibly with the mouse, but it might have also helped a larger screen with a higher resolution.

Another nice thing is that my progress between mobile and PC is shared. So, if you are playing or planning to play COD: Mobile and you have a decent PC, you can grab a GameLoop emulator and play with a good mouse and keyboard. You will feel like a pro and still be able to play on your mobile device when away from your PC.

Remember, even though COD: Mobile is better on PC, it's still filled with tons of microtransactions, loot boxes, battle passes, and other annoying monetization options. Some of them feel unfair, such as allowing players to unlock new attachments for real money guns. And, unfortunately, playing with the mouse will not get rid of these parts Call Of Duty: Mobile. They will just make it easier to close them when they appear.

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