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The anti-Iranian Warsaw meeting was a huge failure for the Trump administration

US-led conference in Warsaw this week, aimed at isolating Iran, instead insulated America – highlighting one of the central issues of foreign policy of President Donald Trump

The two-day, hurriedly summit ended on Thursday was exhibited as a security conference in the Middle East. But it's no secret that the meetings of more than 60 countries really went about making the world into America's rough policy, despite the fact that the United States denied that it was. only diplomatic staff of a low level – or at all – received no representation from them. Differences in the issue of Iran are lately until May last year, when the United States came out of a nuclear deal in Iran in 201

5, and European allies such as France and the UK have agreed to stay in the deal.

Their reason was simple: Though Trump said that Iran was trying to get a nuclear bomb, the European countries did not see any evidence that Tehran was seeking. And although US intelligence agencies agreed with such an assessment, Trump rejected the coalition, abandoning the sign diplomatic pact, reorienting sanctions on Iran, and threatened to punish anyone who imports his oil. administration In January, Europe has developed a method to draw Iranian energy while avoiding American financial criticism. This allowed Europe to maintain a nuclear deal to support its livelihoods, limiting the damage that America's sanctions could have on Iran's economy.

Now that the Warsaw conference has come to an end, it's clear that the meeting deepened the split between Europe and America, all because of the insistence of the Trump administration that Iran is now seeking nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, he rightly points out that Tehran is doing terrible things, such as supporting the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, launching missiles and supporting terrorists in the region.

"Instead of serving as a unified diplomatic exercise to highlight Iran's dangerous regional activity, the summit highlighted, first of all, the diplomatic isolation of America from European allies," said Amanda Sloat, an expert on Europe at the Brookings Institution, An analytical center in Washington, DC, under the leadership of the Warsaw Conference

First, the meeting faced a bad start.

Rudi Giuliani, a personal lawyer from Trump, spoke Wednesday at a rally organized by anti-Iranian groups which was once developed by the United States terrorist organization – for which he is a long lobbyist.

"Everyone agrees that Iran is the state sponsor of terrorism in the world," said Juliani USA Today on the sidelines of this meeting. "This has to be said. something to you: Iran, a country that can not be relied upon to work with, can not be trusted. "Although Juliani's comments did not come at a summit in Warsaw, this was definitely tarnished by a thin

  Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and Prime Minister, Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discuss during a Mini Photo group photo the country in support of the future of peace and security in the Middle East on February 14. , 2019 Warsaw, Poland.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discuss during a group photo of the Ministry for the Advancement of the Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East February 14, 2019 Warsaw, Poland
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Second, attendance at the official Warsaw meeting was bad.

At the invitation of Brian Hooke, a special envoy to the Trump administration for Iran, the leaders of Germany, France and the European Union – all members of the Iranian nuclear deal – did not come (although British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt was present). Meanwhile, other European and Arab countries sent low-level delegates to the session.

It left senior US officials such as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Usually they will attend only events with the participation of their colleagues. But in this case, they flew to Poland to chat with foreign leaders much lower than their growth. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, was mistaken on Wednesday when his official account not only described the true purpose of the meeting, but also accidentally declared war on Iran.

"What matters in this meeting is not secret. … that this is an open meeting with representatives of the leading Arab countries that sit with Israel to advance the common interests of the war with Iran, "read the tweet

later, but harmed. Obviously, it was a bad translation of the Hebrew word for war Netanyahu meant "struggle." New tweet who used this word instead of "war," was soon released to the account of a premier – perhaps to make sure nobody will see the war in Warsaw. [19659019] And, finally, a penny

"They call this scheme" a vehicle specially "said Penza on Thursday, referring to the mechanism used by Europe for trade with Iran." We call this an ill-advised step that will only strengthen Iran, weaken the EU and create an even greater distance between Europe and America. "His appeal has become Calling Europe to abandon its plans, and not America instead [19659026AllPovertyPentiethNewswireMarch

Calling Europe to do something that it clearly does not want to do – like the reduction of economic ties with Tehran and the rejection of the Iranian treaty – only damages b fragile US-European relations. Moreover, the Trump administration will be weak, especially if these countries do not listen to America.

"The United States further expanded the gap with its allies on a forum that could be used to heal some wounds," says Eric Brewer, an Iranian expert on the Center for New American Security Services in Washington.

The plague in Warsaw was unnecessary

It would be one thing to do all this damage if Iran actually carried out nuclear weapons in direct action with a nuclear deal. The problem is that even American spies say Iran complies with this deal – which means that all the pain that has been inflicted on itself in Warsaw has been in vain.

  President Donald Trump removes the United States from Iran's nuclear deal 2015, 2018, in Washington, DC.

President Donald Trump launches United States Nuclear Agreement Iran 2015 on May 8, 2018 in Washington, DC.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

At the end of January, the US intelligence led a "prolongation" of the deal – even after Trump brought the United States out of it – "continued the time when Iran would have to produce enough material for the collapse of nuclear Several months later

More than that, the report warned that "Iranian officials publicly threatened to" resume nuclear activities that limit [nuclear deal] "- if Iran does not receive the tangible trade and investment benefits that it expects from them [19659030] So, not only the Trump pressure on Ir n has not fulfilled what he wanted his decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal could actually push Iran to try to acquire nuclear weapons.

The Warsaw conference was definitely intended to help fix it. It did nothing.

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