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Terence Crawford is humiliating and Amir Khan is his last victim

Photo: Frank Franklin II (AP)


1; Terence Crawford – thin, almost bony, with a child's smile who just got into the theft of honey in the dining room the hall This is a kind of bad smile. He did not do much work by developing his commitment to fans that the best fighters of big money often rubbed themselves off as a lotion for marketing purposes. Terence Crawford is a plan, and you can see it to the point. She is not hiding. You can imagine how a small, unattractive young man who took on himself and turned out to be an average, and spent the next few years taking him to the world. The world has found its frustration that the little guy is very good at knocking his ass when he wants to. And he wants to. He is joyous and sophisticated equally. He threw a ring around his thin legs, like a watery insect that moves along the surface of the pond.

Crawford is the best or second best boxer in the world for a pound for a pound. With such status may come fame, state, capture of groups, Ferraris and home tigers. But what seems to be Terens Crawford's motive is, in essence, a knock on the ass. He is from Omaha, and his nickname is "Bud." There is no power to Hollywood. He just does not give any indication that he really cares about becoming an influential figure in American culture. He gives all indications that he cares not only to beat, but to roughly punish and humiliate everyone who has decided to go with him in the ring.

On Saturday evening, the victim was Amir Khan, a wrestler with world-class skill and a world-class heart, but whose car was inflated by the fact that both love to be aggressive and very easy to knock out. Khan has a bad chin, they say they are not moral judgments, but a simple physiological fact. Action people who are not able to absorb really big hits must build their boxing style around this fact. Amir Khan never cared about it, and thus, although he was the best in the world, he was beaten several times. You can understand why he does not want to be a defender. Khan has, I think, a better net hand speed throughout the box, which means that he can get a direct blow from his shoulder to your face faster than anyone else in the world. His hands are so fast that he often throws direct shots that make him look like a rider on a high speed bike bip buoy. He knocks out people faster than power: even if a blow is not extremely tough, it gets to you even before you have a chance to tighten your monster and you will fall. Like all imperfect superheroes, its speed tends to control it more than it controls. When he begins to release these strokes, he can not withstand jumps forward and trade, his eyes expand with his own abilities. That's when he gets in trouble. He is a classic, fearless warrior who died at the end of the smearer.

Khan from Bolton, England, and the Britons were in full force in Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening. British lovers love to travel, I guess, because everywhere is better than at home. Good places were full of the same types of people British and American and others: young people who spend a lot of money on professional beard grooming and wardrobe, distressingly tight suits with no tie, balmain jackets and white shirts with too high number of buttons unfastened, pumping arms to club bugers, junior men on Wall Street or those who claim the same lifestyle, the most solvable form of man, filled with testosterone and grabbing for the external symbols of courage. Boxing matches draw these types that consider sport as an accessory that needs to be worn as a gold chain. Their indiscretion is proof that they never had a shit out of them, as did actual boxers.

This fight was a very instructive example of the difference between very good boxers and really big boxers. Amir Khan is very good. And you can understand why, immediately, when you look at him battle. His speed is clearly overwhelming. His gifts are obvious to the naked eye. Watch it in two rounds and you understand why it is dangerous.

Photo: Al Bello (Getty)

Terence Crawford, a great fighter, will not give his presents so quickly. Like many great fighter jets, you will have to watch 10 of its fights to really get an idea of ​​what makes it so good. Yes, he possesses all the physical attributes of the upper level boxer, but there is no power of the sledgehammer or dazzling speed, or the brightness that pops out and says: Here I am a great gift! Instead, the fact that great fighters are great is always their mind. They make better decisions than those who oppose them. That's why they can not be won. This attribute can lead to many different characters among big wrestlers, but the attribute itself is universal. For Mayweather it made him a genius of defense who knew how to do enough to win rounds; for Andre Ward, this made him a chameleon who adapted to each individual plan of struggle against his opponent; for Crawford, it allows him to read and respond to challenges that kill smaller fighters. Crawford is stronger than many other great fighters. He has an additional attribute that he wants not just to defeat you, but to harm you. His use of the distance is ethereal. He can get to higher men, injure them and get out without scratch, not keeping in mind that he is working too hard. He is very free. He holds his gloves to his palm, patty-cake style, but pushes lead jab just halfway; As soon as it causes a reaction from its opponent, it jumps out that piercing the other part of the path. He does it constantly, constantly, and never works. He is a fisherman, and his opponent is a fish. This lure never ceases to look tasty.

I have no doubt that Coach Amir Khan told him in the last few months that he was cautious and not too aggressive at the beginning of this struggle. Despite this, he turned aggressively. This is his nature. In return, he received a knockdown in the first round . Crawford looked directly through this trademark, which Khan straightened forward, and nailed him with his right arm, which forced him to fall. It was such an exuberant beginning – an instant confirmation of the worst suspicions of everyone. Khan seemed to have made efforts to keep himself after that, although it was more than he was restrained by force in front of him.

In the third round, Crawford switched to the left-handed position. He is one of the few fighters that are just as good on both sides. He makes this switching for purely psychological reasons, just to give Hana another thing you need to think about. On the other hand, he beat him just as well. One could see that Crawford realized that Khan was just over one round, and as soon as he understood you, his confidence grew, and then he became more courageous. And worse. Until the fourth round, he really digged the body of the body into the khan with both hands and put forward the language. When Crawford's hands start to walk, he looks like a man throwing you two long rubber pillars.

In the sixth, he threw a large, solid left uppercut directly into khans' nuts. Khan doubled with pain, shook for a couple of minutes, and then surrendered. He could not continue. It was. The rule is that if you hit with a low kick, you have about ninety minutes to recover, and then if you can not recover, then this is TKO. That's how Khan lost that. On the one hand, he carefully and cruelly dominated and probably was pleased to accept this invitation to stop the fight; on the other hand, you must recognize that this part of the boxing rules leaves much to be desired in terms of justice, since it creates little incentive not to hit someone in the nuts as much as you can, just to make sure that you can make them explode. This is a topic for another day.

In the interview, after the battle, Khan was covered with bloody scratches over his shoulders. He reigned, and he knew that. He gave great honor to Terence Crawford's skills. And what Terence Crawford said about the man he just won – a man whose brand is his high speed? He said: Benavides and Gamboa were 10 times faster than him. Benavides, when he fought with Crawford, was dressed in a huge knee band and barely moved his leg.

Now it's a thoughtful bastard.

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