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Ten things we know (or do not know yet) about 4-1 Twins

In his book "Think like a frog" – a kind of continuation of "Freakonomics" – the authors Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner argue that the three most difficult words that can be spoken in English are not really "I love you" .

Rather, they are: "I do not know". When you do this, but do not approve an answer or bluff your way through the situation, you become vulnerable. But this vulnerability can be the key to re-engineering the situation in order to look at it in a different and honest way.

With that in mind ̵

1; fresh, because this is my current selection of audio books, as I continue to be shocked by how much I read books for me – I want to study Minnesota Twins and their 4-1 start.

I have divided this list into 10 different subjects. The first seven are the things we already know and know about the team – or, more precisely, at least that which, in my opinion, we know. But the last three are really great. They are things where I am ready to say: "I do not know." And they will ultimately determine the season.

Here we go:


] Villianus Astudillo needs an admixture until another is proven . You knew that I should start there, is not it? In the "three real results" of the MLB world (walking, preview, or home run), Astudillo is the "single and only result" of the player. He puts the ball in the game. This year he went out on the plate 11 times and placed it 10 times – six hits in nine official mice, plus a victim and a fly. No walks No outsites. Astudilo seems at least adequate as a trap, and did not look superior to the third base in the 7-6 victory on Wednesday. He is a folk hero and favorite fan. But he can also hit, and he needs as many opportunities as possible to show it as much as possible.

Nelson Cruz was worth every pen . Gemini signed Cruz to one year, a $ 14.3 million deal, to be their target striker. It can be argued that they did not need one primary DK with their registry. But when you see Cruz in their composition, he makes everything press. Some guys just look like a threat and give you the confidence that they will get into the moon for a long time. Cruz is that guy.

They are going to strike . The line looks good through the ghosts, and it's just one home run. It helps that they hit 17 pairs (up to four for their opponents), some of them in the gap, but some of them. As soon as the temperature rises and the balls start to fly, pay attention.

Byron Buxton must use his energy . I love the fact that Buxton is fearless and that he thinks he can catch something in the air in his general neighborhood. But part of his ripening and potential breakthrough in 2019 implies staying in a healthy condition. And staying healthy means that sometimes he has to pull up and accept that the ball will be double, rather than crashing into the wall, blinding his back and facilitating the intra-park run in this process, as he is on Tuesday almost Gemini in the game and potentially suffering from a more serious injury.

Twins seem to be persistent . This is a great feature for the team. In both victories against the kingdom, they overcame the late deficiency and momentum turn that could seal their fate. The two games are not a good example, but they probably did not look like they panicked when they were lagging behind.

The bullpen has some depth of quality . Gemini relief pitcher – not counting Martin Peres, who made the appearance of relief as a kind of second starter behind Michael Pineda against Cleveland – broke the combined 13 innings so far and allowed only two earned runs at 13 stab strikes. Each of the translators is an asset led by Taylor Rogers and his four performances.

It's a bad idea to excite too much after playing games . Note that this is very early. Using the football analogy I like so much, games are about 1/32 of the season. If this were the NFL, we would be half an hour the first game – hardly time to make too many conclusions. In the end, the twins started 4-2 and 7-4 last year, but by the end of April they were 9-15.


It seems that this will determine the season. There is enough upcoming depth and quality to earn a lot of tracks. But will pitchers – especially startups – be sufficient? I do not know.

How will they arise against better competition? Twins took 2 out of 3 injured in the Cleveland transition team, and then two more from the poor piano team. . They probably did not survive the victory over the best team with the then inhen they played in Kansas City on Wednesday. The contest will be better – including Philadelphia in the evening. Will Gemini still look so stable and competent?

Is there something special brewing? Yes, it's just the games, but here's something good. Sometimes the team plays and seems to have some kind of chemistry and quality. I do not know if there are Gemini, but I like what I've seen so far.

Summer job

To Gorgi Ding's praise – a man and a player

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