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Tell us what you think about Google Photos

Memory is a complicated matter. Some of us are greatly putting names in their faces, while others (and here I raise my hand) have always had problems with the smell of names, especially when you encounter someone outside the context. For example, imagine being embarrassed when some of your friends at work suddenly come to a friend's party and you spend the next hour trying to memorize their name. put it face to face. Although there are some mobile apps that claim to be able to help with this, I have not found decent for my Android phone. (The only app that really worked for me, Evernote Hi, was killed in 201

5.) However, there is one program that can help undermine the defective memory: Google Photos. Various categories – including one called People. The People page offers a representative photo for each person in your collection; Select one and all photos that reflect this person will be displayed.

What makes the People page even more useful is the fact that each of the photos on the page can be tagged with a name. So, if you see someone at a party and just can not remember their name, you can find a corner, take a phone, go to the People photos page and swipe down until you see their photo – and their name.

But this will not work if you do not first mark people in your collection. It's easy, although it can take a lot of time, depending on how many people are displayed in your photos.

  • On the Google Photos main page, click the search button at the top.
  • If you have a reasonable amount of photos with people in them, you should see a horizontal strip with small photos. Click the arrow to the right of the strip.

  Google Photos

  • This will lead to the "People" page. You will see rows of square photos that show different faces. This is due to the fact that Google Photos collects what he thinks is one person's photos and chooses one representative photo.
  • Select the person you want to identify. You will see all images identified by the photos that contain that person. See the "Add it" link on this page (in the upper left of the web version, in the top center in the mobile app).

  Google Photos

  • Select a link and start typing. You will see a list of contacts that will allow you to choose a person's name if they already exist in your list. If not, you can simply enter it.
  • Now that you return to the People page, the person's face will be tagged with them.

Of course, sometimes the pictures become false. In this case, you can delete a photo from your personal page.

  • On the individual user's page, hover over the photo you want to delete. A checkmark appears in the upper left corner of the photo.
  • When you finish selecting photos, click three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select "Delete photo."

You can also remove those who are not interested in everything – say, a former who fully educates bad memories – from the People page.

  • In the web and mobile versions, click three dots in the upper right corner of the People page.
  • Select "Show & Hide Faces (Web) or Hide and Show People" (mobile).

  Google Photos

  • Select any of the people you want to remove from the People page. Above the photo will be an eye icon with a line, and when you return to the People page, this person will not be there.
  • Want to come back? Return to this page and select the person you want. The icon will disappear and the person will again appear on your People page.

Unfortunately, Google Photos does not have some features that would be convenient to have. For example, you can not add any photos to the People page – you should hope that they will recognize AI photos and add all your photos of this person. (Something can be very frustrating.) Keep an eye out for an additional link that sometimes appears on the person's page labeled "One or the other?". In this case, you can tell the photos that yes (or not) is really

  Google Photos

  Google Photos

Again, it takes a lot of time to identify and designate a number of friends and partners (especially if you need to) look for their names). And since it's Google, we can say that it will eventually change the functionality of the program (for the better or worse) or completely to the west. I know a few people who spent hours organizing and identifying their photos in the popular Picasa program only to have a rug lifted from them in 2016.

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