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Stephen Curry and Under Armor are returning to the All-Star Weekend

Nearly two years ago, Steven Curry and his Under Armor team traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, in early July. The band celebrated a new Carly quarrel with SuperMax in Golden Warriors who just won their second championship in three years. Del Curry, Steven's father, and a 1

6-year-old NBA veteran, took a restrained collection at the family home for relatives, basketball partners who watched Steven's steep rise, and his Under Armor team

. On the trip, the team began to outline the All-Star Weekend 2019 plans, which, after a two-year delay, traveled to Charlotte. The roofs were explored. Events and potential modern luxurious galleries were considered. Under Armor has finally sent several team members from Baltimore for further immersion in the history of the city and began displaying their All-Star bands and other arrangements.

Then the two-time MVP announced a solid goal for the weekend, some 18 months: No side. No place for events. The sale of shoes should not be even a trick.

Insert the entire budget for the repair of the old Recrèc center, instead of the All-Star guard.

"The general focus of Steven, as we look at 2019 and beyond, is to leave something that makes sense and useful," said Chris Stone, basketball sports marketing director. "This was his main point and a challenge for us. Whether it's in the Bay Area, Charlotte or even in Asia, this is his goal. "

The brightest stars of the League are gathered in Charlotte from February 15-17.

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Stephen and his younger b Rat Seth, a reserve guard for Portland Trail Blazers, spent most of his childhood in Charlotte, whose rivalry brothers and sisters often spread from their courtyard to the center of Carol Hoefener. "Charlotte will always be at home."

Since its inauguration in 1999 , the center became the main product for local residents, not only through the multi-purpose gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and other sports, but also partly thanks to the conference hall. , a banquet hall and a business center. Regardless of whether they were meeting places for future real estate brokers or fairs, which were ordered for family meetings, birthdays and competitions for children's costumes for Halloween children, or on the site for exhibitions of jewelry, arts and crafts For local artists, the Hoefener Center touched on a diverse network of local residents of Charlotte over the past two decades.

In recognition of the "seven-digit obligation" to the Stevens and Aesch Carr Foundation, under the armor and sponsor of Chase Bank, the seven will completely upgrade the 20-year-center, one of the largest enterprises of this kind sort of The NBA Players Association will also provide a total of $ 150,000 over the next three years for a rehab project.

"We chose the Carol Hofener Center for some reason," said Stephen Curry. "Their priorities are very similar to ours in terms of providing people with equal opportunities in education, access to knowledge about nutrition and well-being, as well as a safe and inspiring place to play." Familiar Number 30 Stephen Carrie in the center. Love Under the Armor

Instead of holding the Celebrity Party on the night of the night, Curry joined the official opening ceremony of his parents, Dell and Sonya; wife of Ayesha; Brother Seth and his bride, Cally Rivers, daughter of the head coach [14459032] LA Clippers Doc Rivers; and sister Sitting with her husband, Damion Lee, Steven's teammate. Also on hand were North Carolina, Goe Roy Cooper and Mayor Charlotte Vi Liles.

"It's easy to throw a party and have fun," said Dell Curry. "But in order to return dollars to the community, and to have something long lasting after the All-Star game, this party is a thing for one night."

Having said Stone: "How can we go something much more useful than an open bar?"

Focusing on health, fitness and education – the three pillars of the Seven Curry Foundation – "Eat. Ethos – the renovated Hoefener Center will be restored with the new Curry Kitchen, Curry Court and Chase Educational Space, in the center will also be renovated bathrooms, locker rooms and restored meeting rooms as well as new ceilings and floors.

"Every child who comes through these the door will now have the opportunity to see and explore their greatest potential in life, "said A. Fulton Meichhem lodshyy, president and CEO Sharlotskoyi Housing Administration

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Curry Cooking, the favorite part of Stephen, who signs Aesha's signature along the way, teaches children and adults about healthy eating, and emphasizes the basics of cooking. Energy-efficient devices have been added to everything, and previous materials have already been donated and processed. Ayesha went to the students through one of her favorite pasta dishes before leaving each one with her copies of her "Experienced Life" cookbook.

The hallway leads to the revamped Curry Court, a large gym featuring six baskets in general. The main gymnasium has undergone a complete reconstruction, with a completely new parquet, a new set of full stands, new panels and frescoes of local artists.

Standing purple and orange shades that flooded the court for years before gray and yellow shades. Painted No. 30 now marks the center of the court circle, along with the Dell fresco, accompanied by each son along the baseline, all in thirty No. 30. The old floor was rescued, donated and reinstated in a community center that needs help from Greensboro.

Dell Curry mentions that he lays his sons for a while at the heart of Hoefener, leaving them to work in their own craft independently or play

"They were competitive at home, but it was good that they could take that competitive spirit and spend it for some other children, "he said with a laugh.

This competitive spirit will spread to the All-Star Weekend, where Steph and Seth will both take part in the competition for 3 points Saturday night.

"I know that [Seth is] will shoot me," said Step on The Woj Pod with Adrian Voynarovsky. "This is a problem."

Although most parents try not to play as favorites, Dell certainly has its own choices.

"I'm coming from Seth," he said instantly. "Steph has already won one, he has won the titles, MVPs and everything, so it's Seet's time in the role. He still leads the league in percentage terms in the 3s. He'll be sure, and I'm going to seth."

City, Currys will also give a repaired basketball court at one of their other stomping land, Naomi Drenan Recreation Center.

"To put money into something that you can come back to, touch, feel and see the difference t they do not only in the community, but also in the lives of young people and adults, it speaks about who they are and about they are human, "said Dell Curry." Also, how much they love this community and love to grow up here and want to leave a mark after the All-Star game. "

Even after the All-Star Weekend Foundation's seven Curry will continue to have an impact nearby. The Foundation has planned daily workshops, classes and activities in a refurbished center during the next 30 days, and he himself will return to the city to check students only a week later as warriors take Hornett on February 25.

"Children and adults who pass through these doors can get the best of both worlds between activities, Dell Curry said, "This is the only window for many children coming to Charlotte."

Regardless of how full-fledged the Sabbath turns out, the long-term impact of the Foundation's Family & Currie wants to go to Charlotte, and an updated community center, which until omahav guys bring to the game, will be evaluated.

"I am glad to see how my community is engaged in the place," said Stephen Curry. "I really believe that this will have a permanent impact that goes beyond these weekends."

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