Last October, we learned that Stardew Valley would finally come to Android due to the announcement from ConcernedApe, although there was no release date at that time. Well, it would seem that we are finally approaching the release of a recent list of the previous registration of Stardew Valley on the Play Store. So, if you want to buy a game and would like to receive a notification about when it will work, make sure to visit the new Play Store list and click the pre-registration button.

Just know when Stardew Valley is officially launched on Android, but we know that it will cost $ 7.99 and it will not include purchases in the application. It is also worth noting that it will be released with new content from the recent update 1

.3, although multi-user content from this update will not be included. Users will still be able to transfer their data to save the computer to the Android port, despite the differences in content, which is a great option for those who do not want them to start a new game.

Secret police is a mobile developer hired by ConcernedApe to work on the Android port, as well as an iOS version that is already available on the Apple App Store. Since the iOS port has been operating since October of last year, it has already received quite a few updates to smooth out some of its rugged edges, and Android players will be grateful to take advantage of these features after our release. This means we can count on the zoom function, a bunch of new touch screen control options, and any other save option that's perfect for mobile devices. Support for the external controller is also expected.

It would seem that the Stardeva Valley has become something of a phenomenon, so it is not surprising that its creator takes the game almost to any platform. I'm sure there are many Android gamers who are looking forward to the release of this farming life on the Play Store, and after you can personalize your game on this computer, the switch and iOS, you can count on it. I am among them. Therefore, as long as we can expect the quality of the iOS release to signal that we can expect from the future Android port, everyone who needs to worry about the release date is where they are going to find cash to choose

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