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Special elections in the suburbs of Pittsburgh could have early tips by 2020

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By: Josh Lederman

MT. Lebanon, Pen. ̵

1; In a hilly area of ​​the suburbs of Pittsburgh, which helped defeat President Trump two years ago, both parties are watching closely the special special elections on Tuesday for signs of undermining Republican support in the heart.

Pam Jawin, a Navy veteran and former Bush administration official, is trying to repeat the playwright, who was elected Democrat Conor Lamb in Congress last year. Ioannina, like Lemb, gives himself a centrist and independent, and the District Senate District is looking for an overpass to the southwestern district of Pennsylvania Lamb.

Republican D. Raj, the founder of a software company that is just Raja, emphasizes him as an immigrant from India who has achieved American dreams, just as Republicans at the national level watch as democrats cover the variety of their candidates in an attempt to do unfavorable contrast with the party.

This is the first major race since 2018. The intermediate dates in which the Democrats took control of the Congress by turning places in exactly the same types of places as the 37th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania: industrial, blue collar zones where voters are disproportionately white and changing economic winds swept away many of

Democrats tend to demonstrate their achievements in the medium term are not anomalies, and Republicans

The place has been flipping back and forth between Democrats and Republicans over the years that remain Most recently, by Republican Guy Reshentalaler, who resigned after being elected to the Congress in November. Trump won the district for six points in 2016, but in 2018, he left a seat by voting for the re-election of Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf over the Republicans who supported Trump's work.

at the headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 30, 2019. Both candidates tried to nationalize the race because of their attacks on their opponent. Democrats have sent mailboxes that show Radu the silhouette of Trump's face as his shadow and reminding voters of the good things he said about the president. Raja headed a television ad that showed Iowin next to the photos of Senator Berni Sanders, the spokeswoman of Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and accused her of "having joined the extremists," supporting "billions of new taxes on energy ". [19659007] "Three strangers to me," Iovino said in an interview with NBC News during a break from the campaign in Bethel's Park. "I found it almost trivial, as you pull it out of the file drawer, slap your democrat face and make television advertising. It does not mean anything. "

Emphasizing her military training – she served 23 years in the Navy before President George W. Bush appointed her as assistant secretary for veterans – Jawinino made parallels between himself and Lamb, who became some of the heroes to the Democrats, Rust Belt after his long victory in March of last year. This year he campaigned for Iovino.

"Pam Jawin is not Konorsky Lamb. Her policy is very, very different than Conor Lamb, "Raja said, pointing to weapons and abortions. Lemb, who served in the US Marine Corps, opposed new restrictions on arms possession and expressed personal opposition to abortion during the campaign, although he did not support the abolition of Roe v. Wade. In a single discussion this year, Iovino emphasized the right of women to make private decisions with their doctors and supported the restriction of ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

In cities such as Mt. Cities in Lebanon, Southern Hills and Peters, voter issues are different from those that trigger debate in Washington: local taxes, school districts, parish battle between two nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania. This is extremely important for Trump, who spent only 44,000 votes in Pennsylvania in 2016, the first republican who has done so since 1988. He must lead the state of Pennsylvania and repeat his unlikely victories in Michigan and Wisconsin to win reelection.

There was no public poll in the race and no official ratings of attendance at special elections. In the special elections for the same place in 2015, 55 453 votes were recorded, although these elections took place on a regular election day, along with other races in the elections, indicating a decline in appearances in this solo race.

Democrats gained a three-pillar grid in Pennsylvania in 2018, the delegation of the state congress fell to 9-9 split and reduced the gap between Republicans in the General Assembly of the States.

Democrats expelled other Republicans in state races in Ohio, Michigan. and Wisconsin, which increases the hope that their prospects grow in the rust belt. This month, Emerson Polling found Trump's support in the industrialized countries of the Midwest, losing in a hypothetical match with Joe Biden or Senator Berni Sanders in Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin

. a series of four other special elections for state legislatures this year. Although these losses were a warning sign for the Democrats, they were concentrated in states such as Connecticut and Louisiana that were considered less vulnerable to the presidential race in 2020. Thus, the party is looking for a victory in Pennsylvania on Tuesday as a clear sign that the impulse they perceived in the battlefield in 2018 is being moved forward when the party goes to dry to defeat Trump next year.

At the Galleria Mall in Mt. Lebanon, Christie Nolen said that her disgust at what Tramp and the Republicans were doing at the national level, weighed on their decision at special elections. The 47-year-old director of the comedy theater said he plans to vote for Iovino on Tuesday.

"Perhaps a year later, I could have looked at their boyfriend and said," Yes, maybe, "said Nolen. Gop – But, given that we have been past two years, I can not. I can not imagine how to open up any opportunities for Republicans at this moment. "

"Personally, I mean, he has problems," Maine said. "But as a president, I think he's doing a lot of work."

Democrat Pam Jawinho knocks at the door of potential voters in Bethel, Pennsylvania, on March 30, 2019. Josh Lederman / NBC News

Democrats won the 407 stage legs previously held by Republicans across the US with Trump joined the office, according to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, although the GOP turned over some places as well.

In the battle of the region serving more moderate candidates, there is a danger to democrats arising from the national democratic political scene that covers more liberal politicians, in particular, when the primary field of 2020 is formed. Trump made the Republicans try to apply the "socialist" label to the Democrats and issue a newsletter, trying to paint them as too extreme.

Asked what it means for her to be a Democrat in 2019. In 13 seconds, before answering: "I think I can only speak for myself better." She said that the democratic values ​​on which she was brought up focuses on education, hard work and the opportunity to realize their potential.

Far to the left, "Raja said, when asked to describe a democratic brand. – It is socialist. Here's how it happened. "

He summed up the brand of his party in 2019 as" every employee in the country. "

"This is a change right now," Raja said in his election bureau surrounded by a campaign. and signs of the yard dropped their waist. "We are bidding, we represent all the hard work. It's everyone who wants to work. "

This report, which concerns the Democrats, may be effective for the Republican party if the unemployment rate, now 3.8%, remains low in 2020, after Trump came to power. And so many Democrats are working to portray themselves as pragmatists who can work with any party, knowing that many of the voters they will have to win are those who voted for Trump.

When she knocked at the door with leaflets and lawn signs. At the last weekend before the election day, Iovino approached a modest building in Bet El, where a young man called her "not to be enthralled with extreme philosophy on both sides."

"I think you saw it in the presidential election." If you were a democrat, you saw that our candidate was tucked too far to the left. It was not where it really was.

The voter agreed, and although he did not want to vote for her, he asked for the third time how she plans to overcome the partisan division, where many others did not succeed. 19659040] "If you can do this," he said, "you have a chance for my voice."

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