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Spanish socialists win a big victory in early elections; Right Vox is preparing for joining the parliament

The Spanish Socialist Party was ready to win the lion's share of votes in disputed early Sunday elections , which will determine the future legislative power of the country at the time of acute political polarization. The Socialists, the party of the current Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, are projected to receive 123 out of 350 seats in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, which counts more than 70 percent of the vote. Although the traditional right-centered "People's Party" seems to have suffered great losses, Vaux, at the extreme right, first departed for parliament. Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Strictly speaking, Sunday's elections were due to Sanchez's inability to adopt the budget for 2019. But deeper challenges have overshadowed the competition: a general disappointment over the status quo that reflects public dissatisfaction with other Western European countries and widespread anger through the Catalan crisis of independence, many of which believe that the left-wing government has failed to cope adequately. , although the victory of Sanchez was more evidence of fragmentation, and it remains unclear how the prime minister will be able to form a ruling coalition next week.

"After years of instability and uncertainty, it's important that today we send a clear, definite message about Spain that we want," Sanchez told reporters earlier in the polls. "And from there, a broad parliamentary majority must be built that can support a stable government."

The vote was marked the third time that the Spaniards have been voting in less than four years, and the results are likely to continue to be shared. a bipartisan political culture traded by the authorities after the country's transition to democracy in the late 1970's. Voters chose between the parties. For the first time since the democratic transformation in Spain, it is expected that the parliament will have an extremely right faction, known as Vox.

"The main catalyst for this is probably Catalonia," says William Chizlett, an analyst at the Madrid Elcano Royal.

In October 2017, Catalan leaders staged an illegal referendum on independence in an open violation of the constitution. Although 12 Catalan leaders are being sued in Madrid on charges of uprising, theft and misuse of public funds, the socialist minority government of Sanchez could ultimately come to power only after agreeing with the Catalan separatist factions. Sánchez's too much for the Catalan question and tens of thousands of right-wing protesters went outdoors in Madrid earlier this year to demand early elections.

"Would Vox come out without Catalonia? I suspect it should be, "said Chizlett. – But with his revenge? I suspect that it is not. "

As in other European countries, the emergence of a faction of the right fringe has pushed the traditional ruling parties of Spain further. Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, mocked the typically right-centered People's Party (PP) as a "cowardice little right". The leader of Pablo Casado, who seems to have expressed his determination to prove that Abascalam is mistaken in pursuing an anti-Catalan anti-Immigrant hard line, which was not pursued by any of his predecessors. The Catalan origin of the party gives it a lasting confrontation with the legitimacy of regional independence with voters in favor of Spanish unity.

"All this relies on a big lie, which is that the socialists have entered and, in the end, will give Catalan independence, which is simply not the case," said Chizlett. – But this is a drum that constantly fought here. And the more you are in the drum, the more people start listening.

"The language here is much more brutal than ever before, especially on the right side, disqualifying its opponents as traitors and liars."

rhetoric was exhibited during the national television debate among applicants last week. Both Casado and Albert Rivera, the leader of Ciudadanos, demanded that Sanchez say if he would pardon the Catalan separatists by court if they were found guilty.

Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias of the extreme left, anti-shoe party Podemos insisted on the need for further dialogue to resolve the situation in Catalonia. The Prime Minister then declined to discuss what he called "preventive pardons" and insisted on "lack of a referendum and independence" in Catalonia, and suggested separatists "return to the framework of the statute and the constitution."

on Sunday, however, the right rhetoric has already convinced some of the previously moderate voters.

"I like Rivera Ciudadanos," said 64-year-old Donat Rouano, who said that he voted for CiudadNos in the previous election. – I think he's serious and clever, but this time I switched to Vox, because Rivera seems a little delicate for the current situation. We need someone stronger. "

75-year-old Mariano Collado also translated her voice into "Voxa" from the "People's Party." As he said: "Spain is first for the Spaniards, and then we can congratulate the immigrants. It is very sad to talk so harshly, but at first I feed my children, and then I can be generous. "

"I have a neighbor who can not find a job, and this is a problem in this country. Are there any other questions? So. I do not know if the guy from Vox can work well. If not, then I will not vote again for him. But, firstly.

Most predictions still show that Sanchez wins the largest number of seats, but the composition of a possible government coalition is speculation.

"These elections relate to the country's ability to continue to advance, in particular in the area of ​​social reform, education, health and personal freedoms. We are very concerned about the growth of the right-wing land, "said Maria Isabelle Gomez after she voiced her voice behind the Socialist Party.

"VOX does not have a program or ideas. We do not know what they really are doing, but they do not see democracy as much as we do. "

" The trump card comes, "her husband, José López, 70, responded to Vox. "They just turn to the flag and say:" We support Spain. "

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