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Six extracts from the presidential city of CNN

Jillibrand entered the CNN Town Hall with a long list of progressive policies that she regularly advertises in an election campaign. But she also came to the spotlight with a record that includes conservative positions on immigration and weapons that followed her throughout the 2020 campaign, and raised her progressive credentials. using this story as evidence of its ability to reach out and contact conservative voters on Tuesday evening.

An American senator from New York who officially started his campaign in March at the premises of President Donald Trump at the same hotel in Manhattan has still not managed to escape from the large and growing package of Democrats who run for president in 2020, but the Town Hall CNN has offered Jillibrand a platform for this.

"It is very important … to acknowledge when you"

Gillibrand said on Tuesday that she "was ashamed" for her past conservative views on immigration, telling voters that she believes she is currently on "the right place". 59002] Jillibrand steered and won a seat in a house near Albany, NY, in 2006, attacking his Republican opponent for the right to immigration and arms, calling the protection of the border "the priority of national security"

. Time did not relate to people as to what she wants to be treated.

"I did not do this as a member of the Chamber. I was ashamed," she said.

She came up with this answer on Tuesday evening, arguing that her ability to admit that she was wrong takes her away from Trump.

  ] Kirsten Gillibrand accepts questions at the CNN Town Hall

"When I was a member of Congress from New York, I really focused on the priorities of my area. When I became a senator of the whole state, I realized that some of my views really needed change, "said Jillibrand. – They were not quite thoughtful and did not care about people outside the state of New York presented. So, I learned.

She added: "And I think that for those who want to be president, I think it's very important that you can recognize when you are wrong and that you can grow and learn and listen and be better, and be stronger. This is something Donald Trump does not want to do. He does not want to listen, he does not want to admit when he is mistaken. He really is not capable of it. And I believe that this is one of the reasons why he is such a timid president. "

Gilillabrand's more conservative records are one of the main criticisms that her candidacy gets to the left, but it shows how the early candidate's strategy for the 2020 election to ask about her record and not run away from them, believing that taking her story and evolutions on issues such as weapons and immigration can benefit from the perception in Iowa and convince them that they can win general elections against Trump by turning to

Past views on arms also help

Gilillabrand, at the same time, she apologized their past stance on immigration, also rejected the fact that she once had a A- rating from the National Rifle Association, making it better equipped to talk with gun owners about the need for gun control.

Gilillabrand, mother of two children, said that the path to conservatives on this issue is to do it about the family and the family.

"I think I can go to any voter in the red state or in purple state or in the blue state, the gun owners, members of the NAR, and say:" You care about the 4-year-old dying at the bench in the park in Brooklyn, is not it? – said Jillibrand. "And the humanity of every person in this country should be struck."

She added: "And you are going to ask them to imagine what is happening to their own child, their own beloved person and their own family.

Jillibrand said at the beginning of this year that she was" embarrassed "by her past positions on weapons.It began to change her position after she became a senator and met with Jennifer Prieer and Alberto Yard, parents of Nyasia Pryear-Yard, a young woman who was killed in a Brooklyn shooting in 2009.

"So so I had the A-rating as a member of the house, "she said in Iowa earlier this year." I just really watched be a weapon through the lens hunting. My mother is still shooting in a thanksgiving turkey. But when I became a senator, I realized that I had a lot to know about my condition and all the 20 million that I was going to present.

"I do not know"

Rarely do you see a police officer who does not know anything. But Gillillard, in two separate occasions on Tuesday evening, said he did not know the answer to the political question and promised to consider it more.

Firstly, when she was asked if she would support a mandatory vaccination, except for the medical exclusion, Gillibrand said she did not "think about whether I would make her compulsory."

  Gilillabrand sees Trump as "a baby that melts and makes bad decisions"

"I need to think about it," she said. "But I believe that parents need more information on why vaccines are so important. Parents should be aware that their child may die from pre-emptive diseases so that they can spread a disease that can be prevented and other children might die."

Later, when asked if she would lower her age for voting, Jillibrand said: "I do not know."

"I do not really know. I like this idea, because we want to inspire more young people," said Jillibrand. "But I like the fact that when you turn 18, you earn that right. This is the ritual of passing: It's a time when you are independent of your parents as a matter of law. So I like the simplicity of 18.


Gillibrand argues that she is not bound to any particular interest and urged voters to look at her record if they believed she was.

After she voted for her Voice of commitment to pharmaceutical companies, Jillibrand defended her decision to allow higher education in the management of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to arrange fundraising for its campaign in 2020. It may be close to certain industries as well as tightly regulate them.

Sally Susman, executive vice president of Pfizer and Chief Corporate Officer, fundraising for Gillibrand earlier this year, answering a question on fundraising on Tuesday, Jillibrand said that her relationship with Susman is personal.

"Why did you allow Vice President Pfizer to do this?" Erin Burnett (CNN) asked, "Because she is my girlfriend and she supports the LGBT equality, she supports my beliefs," said Jillibrand. "You do not want to undermine the right of a person to participate, but because you made this assumption, this is one of the reasons why we need to withdraw money from politics, because it proves to people's belief that our democracy strong. "

Jillibrand, in response to a voter's question, defended her record for drug prices.

"I am opposed to pharmaceutical companies," she said. "I sponsored legislation to confront pharmaceutical companies and I do not require donors. That is why I am in favor of publicly funded elections, so I do not take the money of lobbyists, and so I do not want to be in your own hands, you I have to fight for public elections, I do not need any branches, and my medical evidence proves it "

Without worrying about the relationship with Clinton

Jillibrand once wrote that Hillary Clinton , former state secretary, first lady and presidential candidate in 2016, changed her life, supposedly letting her run for office.

Do not stop the senator of New York who took over Clinton's place when she became secretary-general to tell The New York Times in 2017 that she believes that former President Bill Clinton was supposed to leave retired in connection with Monica Levinsky's case.

Asked how these comments changed her relationship with Hillary

"I do not think that," said Jillibrand when asked if she commented on that friendship.

Jillibrand said she was talking to Hillary Clinton about her. 2020 and former Secretary of State gave her advice

"Secretary Clinton is still a model for imitation for all of us," said Jillibrand. "My views on the man are very different. And I said everything that I will say about it."

Jillibrand added: "She is someone I'm still fond of and look at and she has a lot of this country."

Gilillabrand of the Faith: "These are the centers of me"

Although Gillibrand regularly talks about his faith in the campaign, on Tuesday allowed the Democratic presidential candidate to describe how her faith fits in with her national audience.

"I define myself with my faith, this is the center of me, this is one of the reasons why I have run for president," she said. did she believe that the Democratic Party has a place for religious left.

"I think that everyone should have faith, be it ultraconservative or liberal, and if you came from a Christian point of view, I would say that the gospel does not leave anyone," said Jillibrand before discussing some of the social issues of achievement. Christianity. "I would deny that Democrats often deal better with these issues than Republicans. Therefore, there is no reason why you can not be a man of any faith in any political party. "" The believer in the Democratic Party was "strange," because conservatives in the republican party seek to be more frank in their religious beliefs, she answered straight.

"No," said the senator.
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