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Significant Couture Carl Lagerfeld has died

PARIS (AP) – Significant haute couture Chanel, Carl Lagerfeld, whose executed projects, as well as white tails, tall collapsed collars and dark mysterious glasses, have dominated the high fashion for the past 50 years, have died. He was about 85 years old.

It was a mystery surrounding the German designer that even his age was a secret for decades, with reports that he had two birth certificates, one from 1933, and another 1938. Lagerfeld told the French magazine "Paris Match", who was born in 1935, but in 2019, his assistant did not yet know what said the truth that he liked, "to twist tracks of his year of birth is part of the character."

Chanel confirmed that Lagerfeld died early on Tuesday.

Lagerfeld was one of the most hard-working figures in the fashion world who holds his first jobs at the design firm LVMH Fendi since 1

977 and the family home of Paris Chanel in 1983. Indeed, his irrepressible energy was noticeable: he lost about 90 pounds in the late 60's to fit into the latest delicate fashion.

Although he has practically spent his entire luxury label on food labels for the very rich – including all 20 years of Chloe's design – Lagerfeld has quickly hit retailers, which has had an almost unprecedented impact on the entire fashion industry . costume of a classic skirt in a house that extends tracks or strangles it in gold chains, pearl bites or expensive accessories. They have always been delivered wisely.

"Every season, they tell me (Chanel designs) look younger. Once we all look like children, "he told The Associated Press yesterday.

His outspoken and often sharp remarks about such diverse things as the French politician and celebrity mascot have received in the fashion news media the nickname "Kaiser Karl". . Among the most acidic remarks, Francois Hollande called "ibecil", which would be "catastrophic" for France in Marie-Claire, and told the British "The Sun" that he did not like the sister of Peppa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

"She should only show her back," he advised.

Lagerfeld was also criticized for sending a negative message to women when he told the French newspaper "Metro" that Adele's signature was "too thick". Despite this, he had a weak side. It is known that he was very good to his employees at Chanel and was known to journalists who are generously interviewed after every show of mods. He also shared his unmarried life in his Parisian mansion with a Siamese cat, called Shoupette (Choupette). Lagerfeld was little used for nostalgia and kept his view attached to the future. Until the 70's he quickly adopted a new technology: he had a collection of hundreds of players. and the bookstore, as well as the actual publishing house. He was also an impressive linguist who passed between perfect French, English, Italian and native German during an interview on the post-podium of celebrity media encounters

. Even when he faltered, he made, perhaps, a purposeful effort to hide what was happening in his dark shades.

"I'm like a caricature for myself, and I like it," said Lagerfeld, a British Vogue. – It's like a mask. And for me the Venetian Carnival lasts all year round. "

After cutting his teeth in the Parisian label Chloe, Lagerfeld strengthened his reputation in the 1980s, when he revived the flagship of the legendary Parisian brand Chanel couture. There, he helped launch a supermodel, including Claudia Schiffer, Inés de la Fresang, and Stella Tennant.

In a course that helped him make him, Lagerfeld created a collection of capsules for the swiss fashion company H & M in 2004. soon afterwards released a CD with his favorite music.

The Weight Loss Book, which he published in 2005 – The Diet of Charles Lagerfeld, – has strengthened his status as an icon of pop culture. In the book, Lagerfeld, said that it was his desire to fit in the costumes of a slim cut by then-designer Homm Hedi Sliman, which prompted his dramatic transformation.

The son of an industrialist who made happiness in condensed milk and his violinist wife, Lagerfeld, was born in a generous family in Hamburg, Germany.

Lagerfeld had early artistic ambitions. In an interview, he said differently that he wanted to become a cartoonist, portraitist, illustrator or musician.

"My mother tried to instruct me on the piano. Once she closed the lid on the piano, closing it on my fingers and saying, "Draw, it does less noise," he cited in the book "The World For Carl".

Paris with his parents and went to school in City of Light. His car in fashion received an early start when in 1954 he created a coat that won the International Wool Contest. His rival, Yves Saint Laurent, won the competition this year in the dress category.

Lagerfeld studied at Balmain and in 1959 was hired in another Parisian house, Patou, where he spent four years as an artistic director. After a series of freelance labels, including the Roman companies Fendi, Lagerfeld took Chloe, known for his romantic Parisian style.

Lagerfeld also founded his own label, Carl Lagerfeld, which, though less commercially successful, than others In 1972, he moved to Chanel, which was inactive after the death of its founder, Coco Chanel, for more than a decade.

"When I took Chanel, it was sleeping beauty – not even beautiful," he said in 2007 in a documentary film "Lagerfeld Confidential". s She was hoarse.


He never stopped shaking the floor building, sending a bikini with a logo so small that the vertex looked like the top of the look were pasty on the street

Lagerfeld was discovered about his homosexuality – once said who announced it to his parents at the age of 13 – but kept his private life under wraps. After his well-known relationship with the French aristocrat, who died of AIDS in 1989, Lagerfeld insisted that he appreciated his personality first of all.

Solitaire in the sense of the Cartier stone, a great solitaire, "Lagerfeld said in The New York Times interview. "I have to be alone to do what I do. I like to be alone. I am glad to be with people, but I'm sorry to say that I like to be lonely because there is so much to do, read, think about.

As he loved the spotlight, Lagerfeld was careful.

"This is not what I'm lying, it's something I do not want to be true to anyone," he told the French Vogue in an interview.


Former fashion writer. provided biographical material for this story.


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