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Sasha and Bailey are threatening to take the NXT titles, and they should

The above interview with the loss of Sasha Banks and Bailey is almost everything you would expect from a couple shortly after The Boss won the women’s raw title by counting to give Golden Role models all the major registry belts.

There is sonority, enough tongue to make Alyssa Edwards jealous and release Sarah Schreiber. If you like the act of Two Women Power Trip and / or you like to hate them, you dig it up. If you don’t find them entertaining or legally annoyed by their schtick … probably don’t click play.

In it, Sasha also teases that the duo may have another belt to collect … Female title Io Shirai NXT. Which made me think about a couple of complaints I̵

7;ve seen floating around in interviews about Two Baltz Banks and Bailey Doss, and why I don’t buy them.

Before we move on to this, I admit that I am someone who is entertained by role models. Many. Probably to the point of view. This accurately underscores my analysis, although I objectively stand by what I say. If you don’t like it, well, I can’t say anything to change that. So I will just say that I sympathize with your disappointment. I’ve been there with things like the Triple N board Raw in outs, or the recent three Show Show Show.

Criticism of the things I’ve seen leveled against The Two Women’s Trip, which I just don’t buy, is that they hurt or (suffocate!) Bury the rest of the unit.

Neither Bailey nor Sasha take a lot of losses, but they do lose. The former Hagster was beaten by both Asuka and Kairi Sane in the service of the Bank’s enmity with the Empress, and Boss did the work for Shirai. The latter was not entirely clean, but was less dirty than many of the role models’ victories. Getting all the illegal stops to beat people is not something that is imposed on people, but it is better than nothing.

Compare that to Fleur, who has suffered only a few television losses this year, and only two with the latter, one where Bailey had ropes and a handful of tights, the other where Nia Jacks injured the Queen before she collided with Asuka. And the most horrible thing may be that no one at NXT tied or served Charlotte during her reign as female brand champion.

We also have many other storylines depicting women that happen when Banks and Bailey do their job.

SmackDown has Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross chasing Bailey and Sasha, and possibly falling apart in the process, plus the warmth between Naomi and Lacey Evans, and Sonia Devil / Mandy Rose boiling over. Just started the Shane Buzzler / Nia Jacks program, Ruby Riott and Liva Morgan or Bianca Belar have problems with IIconics, Lana and Natalia are now a team, and Asuka is definitely not with Banks or Bailey. Today, NXT does not affect Power Trip.

There will always be problems. It would be great if Belair did something other than connect to another program. But I don’t think she wouldn’t be in another boat if they didn’t do the Two Women Trip.

And as a big fan of Asuka, I was hoping that her board would include, you know, the actual defense of the PPV title. But her role-playing story isn’t over yet, and having lived through the many WWE playgrounds that stole her friends’ girlfriends and threw them at enemies they had already beaten (well, it was all just John Cena), I’m happy to be in an era , when Drew McIntyre takes on everyone, and Asuka chooses his friend for personal success.

To people who would say that Sasha and Bailey, who have all the gold, don’t let other women do anything, I’ll take you back to Becky Lynch’s favorite saying: WWE is a conflict. If a compelling story can be made to put two characters in conflict with each other, and the performers can make you care who wins and who loses that conflict, then they have something to do.

Headlines are a shortcut to telling this story. They can certainly increase hostility. But they can also be a lazy way to get him to tell at all. As mentioned, there are many stories with the main women around (and we didn’t even touch on the extraordinary circumstances that caused WWE to rely on the first Charlotte, and now fka The Boss & Hug Connection). If they don’t matter to you, I’m not sure what’s the fault of the two Power Trip women.

It is also clear that they are not going to vacate the titles and go to sunset victorious. Either because they hint at themselves, or someone kicks the ass, the two go to the rescue. Hopefully, the journey to this point is full of matches as good as the ones we’ve seen in the last month. Given that they will be performed by some of the most talented professional wrestlers in the world, I am sure that we have a long way to go.

So sorry again if this is not your cup. But I’m excited about the dominance of our language that appears and everything that follows from & after that. I also don’t see any harm to other WWE women in this. On the contrary, from what I can tell, the story and performances of Sasha and Bailey help.

So do that NXT Women’s title, you are the “Golden Model”. And while you’re at it, try to finish Kay Lee Ray’s historic run as well.

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