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Sanders' heart attack throws a cloud over his candidacy

Sanders' staff also plan to emphasize how his fear of health demonstrates the need for Medicare for all.

However, throughout the Democratic Party, insiders and strategists openly question the impact of his heart attack on the White House's proposal – and on the primary as a whole. The Sanders team also comes under fire from some journalists and Democrats for failing to announce that they had suffered a heart attack. His aides refused to allow reporters to question Sanders' doctors.

"It's one of those things where cover is worse than crime," said Andres Ramirez, a Nevada-based Democratic strategist and former vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee's Spanish Caucasus. "I don't think anyone would be worried if they said he had a heart attack, came out after a few days, and then everything was fine."

Instead, he said, "It seemed like refusal or hesitation, say, 'Bernie Sanders had a heart attack.' I think it's less a question of his age, and more of, 'Hey, Bernie, you have to be a transparent candidate. "

At a conference call for all employees, described by POLITICO people who listened, Sanders suggested on Monday that he use his experience to return to one of the central ideas of his campaign. On the same evening, he and his wife Jane also left briefly. leaving his home in Vermont for what seemed to be [1


"If there is something that this event tells us, what matters in our campaign is important. And our message is, 'Us, not me.' it was not about me, "Sanders told his team during the call." It's about millions of people, including, of course, our campaign staff working together to bring about the fundamental changes that this nation absolutely needs. "

Sanders' aides stress that they have treated the health incident properly they also took to social media to defend themselves against criticism coming from journalists such as NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell and Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith . provided several updates on Sanders' recovery last week, released a statement from his doctors and made questions available to his wife.

"Not one person with such hysterical perceptions can formulate a legitimate risk of having three days of confidentiality (with subsequent disclosure) per year before the election, redstavlenyh in the republic, "Briana Joy Gray, national spokesman Sanders wrote on Twitter .

Mike Casca, Sanders' spokesman, stated that the POLITICO campaign revealed that he had a heart attack "when doctors can give the most accurate and up-to-date result."

When Sanders returns to the stumps, he will face many questions about his age and health – a less ideal situation for any candidate, not to mention the one who often hates talking about his personal life. Polls for months have shown that many Democratic voters are wary of nominating a candidate in their 70s, and Sanders has risen to third place in the national midterm polls before his heart attack.

"Bernie will solve this by having a strong discussion, going on the track and showing that he is more intense and has a more fighting spirit than ever before," said the rap. Ro Hannah, co-chair of Sanders' election campaign, "I think ultimately it will convince people that he is fighting in it."

Sanders added to the assistant: "As Berne has done his whole career right, even when no one has been with him, we will be in show, don't tell.

Sanders' surrogate also expects to deal with questions about his heart attack in part by discussing Medicare for All, his signature. Vermont High Lieutenant David Zuckerman, Sanders' surrogate, said that because he had good medical care provided by the government, his hospitalization would not hurt him financially – while many people in the same situation "would be fined one day and go bankrupt further. ”

Some Sanders allies also believe that he should use his experience to become more personal with voters, which his aides have long pushed him to do at all and correct his relentless campaign schedule.

"I hope he uses this to share some of it," Hannah said. "If he shares this moment of vulnerability and appreciation for access to the greatest health care in the world, and his resilience to fight for it for everyone … that will bring human connection to people."

The Sanders team did not say when it would return to the campaign trail, but confirmed that it would participate in the debate on October 15. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Sanders' chief ally, said the Vermont senator still returned to work.

"Bernie is fine," he said. "He works and he is busy, thinking and planning."

Political operatives who worked for presidential candidates who were afraid of health during the election campaign said transparency was key.

"It's best to be as fast as possible," said Karen Finney, a former spokeswoman for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, adding that there may have been medical reasons that Sanders' team had not disclosed his heart attack earlier. "Because to some extent it becomes a problem of trust."

Gina Glantz, former head of the election campaign for Bill Bradley in 2000, said she believed his treatment of irregular heartbeat during the election was one of the reasons for the loss of primary New Hampshire. She said he had Sandez. two things Bradley didn't do: The first votes won't be cast for another four months. And social media is there now.

"For five weeks, Bill Bradley was hardly mentioned in the press and we had no tools to keep him alive in the minds of voters," she said.

If Democrats nominate an old candidate – be it Sanders, Joe Biden or Warren – some party insiders fear they will retreat from the generation a contrast they might otherwise have made to President Donald Trump, the oldest person to ever hold office. . But Trump's age – he is now 73 – is also seen as neutralizing the effect of a senior Democratic candidate.

Biden, Sanders and Warren all steps during the campaign created an image of cheerfulness – Biden and Warren running for parades and public events, and Sanders with his free schedule. Recently, Sanders played softball with his assistants and other people and often shoots hoops on the campaign trail.

If his heart attack threatens Sanders' supporters, several democracy operators said it would likely benefit his friend and fellow progressive Warren. But the effect may be more limited than if Sanders competed against a much younger Democrat at the highest level.

Biden, Sanders, and Warren are all Septigenarians who use high-profile names, and Democrats love them, despite – or, in some cases, their old age. Some Warren allies also believe that Sanders basically actually benefits her by providing a shield against the more moderate wing of the party and other opponents.

"Everyone wants Bernie Sanders to be fine. Politically, Warren and Sanders are able to take each other in the race," said Adam Greene, co-founder of the Progressive Change Committee, which supported Warren. one of the biggest things that prevents corporate executives from dropping tens of millions of dollars in TV ads against Warren or Sanders is that if you knocked out one, you will help the other. the two clearest and transformational progressives. "

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