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Rogers' controversy was reported as an enmity with McCarthy

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin-Aaron Rogers denies that he and former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy could not co-exist and denied that the president of the team, Marc Murphy, had not told him about the problem when two discussed a new trainer

Both statements were made in a story published last week by the Bleacher Report, which details the organization's dysfunctions. Rogers spoke with ESPN Milwaukee on Monday, the first day of off-season training for the packer, and appealed in the report a series of statements filed by anonymous sources.

"It was a smear of a writer's attack that sought to advance his career in a conversation with the mostly inappropriate, bitter players on the agenda, whether they were moving their car or just trying to mix the old thing," Rogers said. "What's happening is the same tired media people who collect it and talk about it. It already emphasized their opinion about me. So it's … crazy thing ̵

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Rogers said he feels the need to deal with a few things, including the idea that packers "are worried for me as a football leader forward team ". 19659002] "I want to say two things: first, if they knew it, why they offered me a contract last year?" Rogers said during an interview with former packers who were involved with Mark Tauscher and radio conductor Jason Wilde. "And the two that goes in my second central thesis that I'm going to shoot is if I really do not like Mike so much why I re-sign knowing that if I play well and we do what we do here – We went to the playoffs for eight years, and then I suffered and we missed the playoffs – is it me and Mike throughout my career? "Are money important to me? I'll tell you that this is not the case. The quality of life is important. "

Rogers' relationship with McCarthy was the subject of conversation for many years and it was re-opened last season after Rogers tore up the play plan after winning Buffalo at 22: 0 on week 4 – Rogers said that he is now sorry.

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" Oh, man, I would not say anything after the "Charts accounts" last year – said Rogers in the air. "I would have I just been with him personally. I did not try to be disrespectful to him, but I know how he left. That's what I told him when I met him face to face."

Although Rogers did not deny that they had discrepancies and that he was sometimes disappointed with McCarthy, he said that it did not interfere.

"The beauty in our relationship was that it grew from year to year and we learned how to communicate with each other," Rogers said. "The beauty in our relationship with the field was that there was a lot of trust. When I read things like: "I would have scorned him by changing all these," I had a lot of latitude, he knew that I knew it. I called for two minutes, I would call a grave crime. … Many times, he would send two pins. "Hey, do you love that or that?" The level of trust was extremely high, and I know that this can cause it to be difficult for a player playing when I'm going to a certain period or I'm going to get two minutes to know what is called

When asked McCarthie likes more than a man than a coach, Rogers said: "I love Mike McCarthy He's a great man, he has a huge heart, he really cares about his players, and he showed it to us. But again, we have spoken through many different issues for many years, and this has made us much stronger. "[1 9659002] Rogers repeated what McCarthy said about their relationship when it happened during the last week's interview with ESPN

"When I think about my relationship with Aaron, you're talking about 13 years," said McCarthy. "This is a very long time. It was a privilege to watch how he grows so many different ways and see how he makes so many great things in and out of the field. Thinking that you can be in relationships that are long and have no frustrations, it's unrealistic.

"As far as his training is concerned, I use a lot of words, it is complex, very useful and fun. We spent some time, some of my biggest talks, achievements, tweaks and misunderstandings that we passed through with each other were with Aaron "

Last week, McCarthy told ESPN that one of the allegations in this story – that he had missed meetings to get a Massage in his office – was" absurd. "

Rogers said in an interview with Radio that "I think we should honor Mike and respect him in the right way."

"We had a hell run" Rogers said: "We had 13 years of age, four NFC championships, one Super Cup, eight playoffs, 19 victories in a row. So instead of throwing this guy out, let's remember the amazing the times we spent together.Packer fans remembers this, especially those who live in Green Bay: Mike lives here.Mike has small children here, so Mike should be here. Think about how hard he is My attachment, which I would have asked you, is strong, if you see Mike, shake hands with him. Say him thank you for the memories. he thanks for coaching, which he did. Tell him how much you appreciate that it is part of what we have built here.

"Things change from & # 39; 06 to & # 39; 18. We went out of the bad season & # 39; 05 and we built something special and had a lasting success, so instead of throwing this guy out – last year it was difficult, no doubt – but let's honors him and his legacy as the second victorious coach in the history of Pacers. Not only must he live in Green Bay, he wants. He loves him here. He will be here. So, if you see him, give him that respect and show him the respect he deserves.

As for McCarthy's replacement, Matt Laughler, Rogers said that he had talked with General Manager Brian Gutekunstom and Murphy before Lafler offered this job. He said that the Guyetkunst had asked him to call Lafleur, and then after that conversation, Murphy urged Rogers to discuss, "Rogers said.

"He said:" Hey, I know that you've already talked to Guti, we're excited about Matt, Any changes, but it will be great, rejoice that you feel good and worried about the future moving forward. "Rogers said. "I said:" Yes, Mark, I know that it was a good process, you guys interview with many guys, but I'm excited that you guys feel great and I had a good conversation, and it will be a big deal forward. & # 39; "

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