SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. – A man can soon make a history of baseball, which did not hit any player.

He is one of the biggest baseball players, and may soon be the first to earn at least $ 35 million

No, we're not talking about a former outspider Washington Nationals.

We are talking about Nolan Arrendo, the winner in Colorado Rockies from four times the All-Star and the six-time winner of Gold Glove, who has

27-year-old Arnad, just 1

6 months older than Bryce Harper, offered to extend the contract to pay He had $ 245 million over seven years to 2025. Two talented people told USA TODAY Sports and received anonymity as the talks are ongoing.

According to this proposal, Rocky Mountains will break the contract this year, which should pay Arenado $ 26 million and replace it by $ 245. million contracts that would be the third person with a record $ 35 million average wage bill, which eliminates the record by Miguel Cabrera at $ 31 million a year for the player.

<img itemprop = "url" src = " = 540 & height = & fit = bounds & auto = webp "alt =" Nolan Arrendo has signed an $ 26 million deal for Rocky Mountains during this time from Rocky. (Photo 11: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY Sports)

The final deal may also include an option for a business trip or a team for the eighth year.

After completing the contract, he can keep him in the Rockies for the rest of his car, where Arenado would love to stay.

"This is such big place, "Arenado toled USA Today's Sport," I really enjoy The fact is the convenience here You know the coaches You know the players Some of my best friends are in this team

"I grew up here in this organization so I feel like at home. I've been here since

"You want to win in a place where you were all your life."

Major MLB contracts: De Arenado on the right will be rank

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Colorado, you are now on the clock.

Arenado, who has graduated from the MVP for three consecutive years, is not only the face of the Rocky Mountains, but also one of the largest stars of the baseball. There's a reason why in New York, the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies do not like anything more than bargaining to break the Rockies, allowing them to steal it next winter.

"Listen, I Think that these places are large," says Arenado, "but the grass is not always green on the other side for certain people. I'm not saying it would not be for me. It would be great to play a big market.

"But at the same time, I do everything that is better for me. I'm not the guy who is going to look for the biggest contract in the game. This is not me. I want to be where I am comfortable.

"And I'm comfortable, man, I'm comfortable. I'm not going to complain about what is convenient for me. & # 39; & # 39;

In addition, despite being the largest player in the National League, and one of four players in history who won three home titles and earned four golden gloves for a four-year period, no team guarantees will be lined up at his door when he gets to a free agency.

Arenado saw what happened this winter. He sees Harper still sitting on the market of free agents. Former winner of Cy Young Dallas Cucalypso and seventy best star tailor Craig Kimbrell.

"There are so many good players there," says Arnado. "It's crazy to think they're still there." But honestly, I would not solve what I see. I base this on what I consider correct.

"If the Rocky Mountains come with something nice, I'll take it. If not, then I'm not afraid to go to the market of free agents. I really do not have & # 39; & # 39;

Of course, there are no red flags indicating that the deal with Rockies will not be made. Dick Montfort, Chairman and CEO of Rockies, expressed confidence in developing a long-term extension after Arredo agreed to a $ 26-million contract in his last year's arbitration earlier this month.

The beauty of these talks is that the two sides are transparent, leading to calm, respectable and calm talks.

"Therefore, I have a lot of respect for them," says Arnado. – Nobody plays in any games. Therefore, I'm ready to stay because they talked so well with me. It was really nice to see how smooth the negotiations were. "

And now, when Rocky Mountains win, Arenado does not really have any complaints. He loves the city where he owns a condo in the center of Denver. He loves a passionate fanbase. Coors Field may no longer be the paradise of Cincinnati or Philadelphia when they are sorting baseball gems in the Xiamedor, but it does not deny that this is an incredible place. He has an average score of 0.33 and a spectacular 0.98% bonus on Coors Field.

So, he asks, despite glory, if he played in New York or Los Angeles, and the contract is fair, why he wants to go in the world. This is no different from Mike Traw, who wants to stay in the Los Angeles Angels.

He may be a contemporary George Brett, who was drafted and signed by Kansas City Royals, and never left. Former Brett teammate in Kansas City recalls comparing every day. Two schoolchildren from Southern California, trained and signed by middle-market organizations, which are the best third-party bases in the game. One went to the Hall of Fame.

"There are many similarities," said Black. – I'm telling George about Nolan all the time. George watches his games. He is so impressed with how Nolan plays, especially in defense.

"When I played with George, his idea of ​​everything he wanted to remain royal forever, and he wanted to do it. I hope Nolan will be Rocky forever. There is something special about it. I think Nolan understands that it is also. & # 39; & # 39;

Arnad could become the first player in history to sign a contract that overshadowed $ 225 million and remained in the same team.

"It would be very cool," says Arenado. "Being one of those guys who stay with one organization for their entire career. It just does not happen.

"Man, this would be very special."

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