The developer of Magisk John Woo has a history of rooting up both new phones and Android versions almost immediately after landing, but today he has exceeded his own already high standards. Android Q can exist only for consumers, as the leak, half built, buggy builds circulating among forums, but Woo has already rooted it.

News came in love with the developer's announcement on [Twitter] featuring a split screen showing evidence: Magisk works on an Android Q device.

It's interesting that the Magisk version and the Magisk manager shown in the picture are the current Canary build. Or Wu only needs to set up the installation method, he did not change the collection numbers when making the necessary changes, either the current installation method and the version of app / Magisk work on Q unchanged.

Regardless of the mechanism, Wu maintains his reputation as one of the most productive developers in the indigenous community, activating the implicit challenge posed by Google last year [19599009]. It seems Wu spoke too early as the first official Android Q beta to make some changes that make rooting more difficult on some devices. On Pixel 3 Android Q switched to use logical partitions for the system unit, that is, there is no easy way to access the system.

Pixel 1 and 2 on Android Q without logical sections, so Magisk is still working on these devices.