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Red Dead Online update and patch updates: new game modes, weapons, more

Red Dead Online continues its beta update, and today is a great patch that adds new content and changes some of the most disappointing parts of the open world of the game. Rockstar struck all the additions to the upgrade on February 26th through several ads, so we collected everything you need to know about how the border changes in one place

. 26 updates will hide your location on the map if you are not within 150 meters of another player, with a much larger radius if you shoot a weapon. Aggressive players will have a dark color, and their radius of visibility is expanding. By attacking and killing players who think about their own business, they will put their head on the head, summoning both righteous players and NPC heads of hunters to track you. These restraining factors will lead to neglect, which will result in a civilian murder or camping of one particular player much harder to escape.

Daily challenges will be available to the players, and they will provide gold nuggets and experience. Daily challenges can be completed by activities that are already taking place in the game, from cleaning up repositories to picking up herbs. Over time, there will be new specialty challenges and the best awards.

  Red Dead Online Posse and Co-operative

Rockstar Games

New discoveries, races and events

for free queues, discrepancies and queuing races. One of these free tournaments is Fool's Gold, where players compete to wear a golden steel armor suit. The killing of the armor wearer earns you points, and survives as long as you wear the suit yourself.

When members of two people kill each other in free fermentation, they have a wider choice of options. The large-scale public will call the action to a stop, allowing the group to play without being broken by a group of opponents. Posse feuds can trigger a mini-death in the open world, and players can choose whether their team leaders, two members, or all the groups of both who can take part in the fight.

Three New Disclosure Modes, in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. In the coming days, Rockstar will have further announcements. Races also get a new variation, and horseracing horse racing becomes difficult for riders to hit horse targets

Finally, fishing is becoming a challenge. Players choose and receive equipment for free, including bait and lure. Then the players go to the appropriate pond and fish to try to get the maximum weight of the fish. Rockstar specifically points out that the grievances of other players will not be possible during a fishing call, so this is a test of pure fishing skill.

  Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games

Evans Repeater and Rare Shotgun rifles come to the game as high-grade weapons and they will be available for purchase through a catalog or gunsmith. The existing weapon is adjusted and balanced, as well as the accuracy of firing.

When it comes to character variation, we also get a bunch of new individual items of clothing and apparel. In stores and catalogs, sometimes there are specialty items with limited time

New emotions are on the way, allowing players to not greet, react or laugh at other players because of their character.

Part of this content will be exclusively for PlayStation 4 players for a limited time. This includes "open races" that scatter horse-drawn players on the open scene to see who can pull out goals, a new jaw knife, new clothes options, and three new emotions. After a period of time that has not yet been announced, Xbox One players will also receive this content.

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