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Rates can not be higher for Trump in an extraordinary week event

Trump provides negotiation with a higher account. He told the White House on Sunday night that he had a "very, very good relationship" with Kim.

"We see the eyes in the eyes, I believe," Trump said. significant revelations and fireworks in Congress are likely to complicate and distract from the efforts of Trump to organize an international peace contest at the summit in Hanoi and may also cause serious political harm to the President, even if he has left the country.

Another sign of the ongoing debate surrounding this White House is that the House Democrats temporarily vote on Tuesday for a resolution that cancels what they say about the "lawless" state of affairs of Trump declared to finance its border. This move will put a new pressure on the Republicans of the Senate and, ultimately, may impose a president's veto.
And above all, there will be expectations that when the president returns home, a special adviser Robert Muller will soon submit a report that can have serious consequences.

As a show of Cohen may go down to the scene at the door

It may be that only in the Trump era may a nuclear summit between the president and the tyrant leader of the nation, with which the United States has actually fought for almost 70 years, is the second largest news for week.

Cohen's evidence before the House Supervision Committee on Wednesday has the potential to become a historic moment in the Trump administration and deepen the cloud

According to the democratic leadership of the committee, Cohen, who once served as Trump's locker, will discuss "debts and payments, with the effort ". influence the 201

6 elections ". This issue will include payments made by Cohen to buy the silence of two women who said they had a case with the President, which Trump repeatedly denied.

Cohen says that Trump has ordered him to make payments under the scheme that his former lawyer's claim was an attempt to influence the 2016 election, a potential violation of the laws on financing the election campaign.

Cohen, who once guarded the secrets of the Trump Empire, should also testify to "the potentially fraudulent or unacceptable practice of the Trump Foundation" – the subject of a civil suit filed by the General Prosecutor's Office of New York.

The New York Times reported that Cohen had given prosecutors in New York information on possible breaches in Trump's family business, reflecting the growing legal danger of the president.

What can Cohen say

Democrats in the committee may also ask if Trump has ordered Cohen to lie to the Congress to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, one of the crimes for which the lawyer will soon go to the & # 39; jaw

It is unclear whether the Department of Justice or the special advocates of Cohen have been instructed to resolve any specific issues,

But the head of the House Supervision Committee, D-Maryland, said that Cohen would speak of "the public efforts of the President and his a lawyer to intimidate Mr. Cohen or others so that they do not give evidence. " The attorney canceled the previous statement, saying that he was afraid of the safety of his family.

The intimidation of witnesses, according to Cohen, and the attempts to force the witness to lie to the Congress, are crimes that could potentially be investigated in any proceedings instituted by the Democrats House against Trump.

"We are waiting for the # American people to hear my story in my voice!" #truth, "Cohen wrote on Twitter last week.

Trump insisted that he had no worries about what might unfold in Rayburn House Office's 2154 room on Wednesday, in a somewhat oblique comment on P & "No, no, no," said Trump. "Lawyer / Client," but you know he takes his chances. "

The White House and the Republicans will attack the testimony of Cohen, pointing out that" that he has already been recognized as a liar and that everything he says should be rejected, so the question of whether he can confirm his statements about Trump is critical.

"No one should be afraid of the truth, al everyone should be afraid when the deck is enclosed in favor liar – said in a statement last week, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a leading Republican Supervisory Committee.

Extreme pressure on results

Appearance will occur in the middle of Trump's visit to Hanoi, where he will meet with Kim for the priv

This means that any bombs in Washington can break the efforts of Trump, to capture the central scene of the meeting and make it resolve any such issues if he talks to journalists.

That the summit itself is moving forward is controversial, since Trump may not have made any concrete progress since the Singapore Summit last year, despite several significant concessions.

The White House insists that the lack of missile or nuclear testing of an isolated state and the return of the remains of 55 US military soldiers killed in the Korean War are significant steps. Trump argued hyperbolically that his predecessor, Barack Obama, was close to the "great war" with North Korea – the argument that the former national security team denied.

Before the summit, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders understated expectations and accused the media of using the summit to attack the president.

"He had great success in that they could even sit at the table. The fact that he is capable of doing it again is a great" It's successful ", she said.

The fair point is that that the conversation with the North Koreans and the reduction of tension is a worthy goal and makes the Americans safer. And if Tramp persuades Kim in verifying the abandonment of nuclear weapons, he deserves praise that history will confront him to achieve which no other president has succeeded in.

agreed in the first place "to work for a complete denuclearization
Director of National Intelligence, Den Coats, outraged Trump last month by saying in Congress that American spy agencies are estimating that North Korea will try to keep its weapons of mass destruction and is unlikely to completely abandon nuclear weapons and production facilities, since its leaders consider this arsenal as "critical for survival of the regime."

Pompeo on the spot

At a summit in Singapore last year, where he became the first US president to meet with the North Korean leader, Trump wrote a false statement that "there is no longer a nuclear threat from Korea. "

But so far there is not even a common definition of each side on the main issue.

High White House official told reporters last week that one of the goals of the summit would be to develop a "common understanding"

In an exchange with Jake Tapper (CNN) with the "State of the Union" on Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to reconcile the rhetoric that misleading the president, with the reality of North Korean intransigence.
  Pompeo says North Korea continues to pose a nuclear threat, despite Trump saying the opposite


Korea remains nuclear threat?

"Yes," replied Pompeo, advancing Tapper, stating: "The President said that he did not do it."

"This is not what he said," said Pompeo, before Tupper quoted Twept. 19659002] "What he said that the efforts made in Singapore is a commitment that President Kim can significantly reduce the risk to the American people."

Tapper replied … "OK, this is just a direct quote, but I want to go further."

In the foreign policy community, there is a significant concern, even in the White House, that Truman's hopes for a victory in Hanoi may lead him to significant concessions that could go on

This temptation may be even greater if Cohen wins the show.

In Singapore, Trump shocked the US allies and their officials, freezing the military exercises of the United States and South Korea in what was considered a great victory. Kima – but who did not unlock key actions from Pyongyang.

T his time is indicative of Washington's willingness to destroy one of its previous demands for the North to provide a complete inventory of its nuclear and missile programs before any new US action.

Some experts believe that Trump might try to smoke Kim this time, having offered to exchange offices in the capitals of the two countries, or by agreeing to a peace declaration to formally complete the war in Korea.

The last step is to meet Trump's need for an attractive PR coup after his open campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize, but it will have enormous consequences as this will weaken the incident of US troop presence in South Korea.

American officials insist that the American garrison is not at the summit.

[19659011] Erica The CNN Order and Adam Lewin contributed to this report.

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