Some photos and videos were taken by a confidential FBI informant who was accepted as a member of an anti-government group and demonstrated weapons and rapid training.

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Grand Rapid Speakers – The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Grand Rapids released on Friday a wide range of photos, videos and other exhibits presented during a preliminary inspection for six men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

The exhibits presented to U.S. Magistrate Judge Sally Behrens include:

  • Video of training exercises on live fire.
  • Photos and video surveillance taken near the Whitmer family cottage in northern Michigan.
  • Picture of a map of the area around Whitmer’s cottage, allegedly drawn by the leader of the detachment Adam Fox. Prosecutors edited parts of the map so that it would not show where the house was.
  • Images of chat chains among various defendants discussing their plans. The chats were encrypted, but the FBI and prosecutors were able to decrypt them because the chatter included a confidential informant who was part of an anti-government group.
  • Photos of various firearms.
  • Homemade video of one of the defendant’s tirades against the police.

The Detroit Free Press has asked for the exhibits to be released.

Some photos and videos were taken by one of the two confidential informants, who was accepted by Wolverine’s guards as a member of an anti-government group, sometimes described as a police group.

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On Friday, Behrens completed a preliminary examination and said there was enough evidence to send five of the six defendants to court. A sixth man is awaiting extradition from Delaware. All six men are in custody since their arrest on October 7.

In addition to the federal defendants, eight other men face terrorism charges leveled by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

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