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"Prince of Dragon" for the 2 nd season provides a continuous win in the world construction of the 1st season.

Warning: some spoilers forward for Season 1 Prince of the Dragon .

In "The Half Moon Lays," the second episode of season 2 of the animated fantastic show Netflix The Dragon Prince writers created a rather classic rom-com conflict. The Elven Rachel's killer (Paula Burroughs) was delighted with the book of Prince Call (Jack De Sena) and did not tell him that he knew that his stepfather, King Rodríguez (Luc Roderique), was dead. She finally decides to break bad news, but the disappointment of Callum, the dark mage Claudia (Rachel Belmonte), will have it before. The expected result would be for Callum and Rayla to have a huge battle over how she hid information from him. There will be a lot of drama in the conflict, which undermines their attitudes and leads to Kalum.

But this is not what's happening. Callum will not be on the Rhine. Instead, he only thinks about how he will share the dark news with his young, half-brother who loves animals, Ezran (Sasha Rozhen). When Callum speaks with Ezra about cultivation and faces solid truths, a monologue with emotional meaning, which deepens through later disclosure, Callum realizes that he has no courage to speak the truth.

The second season of the Dragon Prince is filled with such surprising surprises. The first season of the show from Avatar: The Last Lead the head of the writer Aaron Ehas and the veteran video game maker Justin Richmond have shown a promise, but delighted with the previous work of Ehas. Now it's clear that this season was burdened by the weight of a huge number of settings, introducing the world, its magical systems and its symbols.

In the new season the Prince of the Dragon becomes both a profoundly satisfying fantastic story and a deconstruction of the fantasy tropes, including those that Avatar: The Last Mage ] was to blame. This is a world divided between human kingdoms and the magical kingdom of Hadia, where elves and dragons possess elemental magic. People like Claudia and her father Viern (Jason Simpson) can only spell, steal power from magical creatures or use special magic items. Callum stole one of the last in the first season of the show, allowing him to use the magic of the sky, but he had to abandon this to save the life of the title character of the show. He wants to use magic without the charm of a magic device again, but a powerful elf tells him that his humanity makes it impossible. Meanwhile, Claudia tempts him to try dark magic, pointing out her egalitarian nature.

This is a fascinating conflict, and it touches upon the story of the first season Avatar Spinoff The Legend of Correy where the villain tries to stir up the uprising against "flexible" people with innate ability to manipulate elements. The same idea applies to many fantastic stories associated with hereditary power from The Game of the Thrones to The King of the Lion to Star Wars franchise – Too often in this genre, power is attributed to the birth of a character, or to some innate special force that is unavailable to most people.

But, like many of the characters in the Dragon Prince Callum refuses to accept his obvious limitations. The writers make a tremendous emphasis on the diverse representation of this series, with the great arches of the story circulating around the deaf general who communicates with the sign language, the kingdom governed by the interracial couple of lesbians, and the blind sea captain guided by his understanding of the wind, with the help of a parrot vision In an extremely powerful speech, King Harrow describes his desire to build a kingdom in accordance with the philosophical principle of the veil of ignorance, where the laws are just for all, regardless of their class, race or gender. Although so much fantasy is based on characters with a lot of fate, Harrow calls Callum to ignore any imaginary limitations on his fate and create his own way.

This conflict also brings depth to the thieves of the show. In the 1st season, Viareen instructed his son, a good-natured man, as the dim knight Soren (Jesse Inocalla) to kill the sons of King Harro, but the expanded memories of the second season show Verena's true love to Harrow. Vieren made indisputable horrible things with his dark magic, but he also used it as a practical solution to prevent the tragedy. The same consistency of memories once again calls into question the nature of the emphasis of imagination on heroic quest, as Viren and Harrow agreed to carry out an expedition to Xadia to kill magma titanium, whose heart can be used to prevent hunger. "We kill one monster to save 100,000 people," says Haro to her queen of Saray (Kaumos Evans), as they swing with their sword and spear. – Is this reasonable? Does she think Is that feeling Does she have seven? – she asks. – You said that you want to build a better world, really change things. It will take a decade to work. There's no monster you can kill and solve all your problems. There is no shortcut. "

This is a powerful message for a cartoon that is appealing to the child, which goes into the core of critique of fantasy. Dragon Prince is packed with beautiful sequences of action that look even better this season, thanks to improved computer animation shows. There is a choking intensity of sequences of human soldiers who are fighting the elf of "Sun Fire" with a blade that can cut something, or Soren and Claudia try to use ballistats to shoot down the fire-breathing dragon. But shows are often in the best form in quiet scenes that just emphasize the mankind of his characters, and the impossible pressure of life on them. She teaches that there are no easy decisions, and that people should question the wisdom of their elders, and learn to admit mistakes and to forgive mistakes.

Slicing heavy material is the same dull sense of humor that made Avatar so charming. The senseless rivalry for Ezran's attention between the frog-frog Bait and the dog dragon Azymondias is endlessly interesting, and the dialogue is rewritten with references to influential pop culture like The Simpsons and The Lord of the Rings . Avatar even throws himself when Soren tries to come up with a good haiku, while Claudia checks his work by counting the folds on his fingers.

Season 2 is a huge improvement over season 1, and it sets a new wave of exciting plots. The most noticeable is the introduction of the Startouch Magar Aaravos elf, voiced by Eric Dellus with the same awkwardness that he brought to the spirit of Koh, steals in the face avatar . – Why should I trust you? – asks Viern, when they begin a secret collaboration with a terrible potential. "You do not have to," says Aravos.

This ominous line could break as a cliché in another work, but Ehaz and Richmond have demonstrated a powerful ability to challenge with the expectation that there should be a fantastic show. What started as a pleasant exercise in the world building with cute children on the adventure, grows into an epic with nuanced characters and a philosophical approach to the story. If it can continue to amaze audiences with such sincere social scenes and heart attacks, The Prince of the Dragon can turn into a new classics all the time.

Dragon Prince launches on Netflix on February 15, 2019.

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