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Pokemon GO and the April joke that made billions – TechCrunch

This is mornings on March 31, 2014, and the Google Maps team is about to release the world in April.

This is not the first time that this team was doing on the Day of Funny Fools. Google, in general, comes out wild on April 1. Perhaps this is the result of publicity. Perhaps this makes the brand a little fun. Perhaps this gives employees a creative outlet that does not seem so critical to a mission. This is probably the combination of all three.

Google used the first of April to "run" everything from a codebook to sea gnomes working from II to an interpreter to talk to your pet. They "announced" that the company would switch to Comic Sans as the default font for all its products, and once spent the day assuming that whatever you are looking for on YouTube, you would probably have been looking at Sandstorm [1

9659002] Most jokes come and go (except for Gmail, of course, everyone thought that it was a joke, due to its launch from April 1). In most cases, everything returns to normal and everyone moves on.

This would be a bit different. Within the next few hours, the wheels will move for a product that has become Pokemon GO.

This is part 2 of our series EC-1 on Niantic, looking at its past, present and future future. If you have not read it, you can find Part 1 here. The reading time for this article is 31 minutes (7,900 words)

The joke that inspired it all

By April 2014, Niantyk was still at a distance more than a year since its release by Google. At the moment, it's still Niantic Labs, the "standalone unit" that works under the roof of Google.

They launched the Field Trip, which showed the team that there is something in this idea of ​​focusing around real world points of interest, but people did not seem to be returning. They followed the first game, Ingress, which had a purposeful offensive, but did not make them much money.

"Niatic tried to find out what would be next and what we should do"

. ] This Masashi (or "Masa") is Kawashima. He manages Niantic operations in Asia by joining Ingress in Japan at a time when the country was on the 25th place in the list of players. Now it's number one or two, depending on the platform we're talking about. His passion for the games of Niantik is deeply ; he seldom ceases to smile when talking about them. For each question I ask, an answer is given, and each of them contains many millions of details. In it makes no sense I was tempted to stop him.

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