Muller's investigation was conducted by Paul Manaforth with Russia, but what does this mean for Trump and the 2016 presidential campaign?
Hannah Gauger, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – Russian Special Adviser Robert Muller asked the federal judge to send a former head of Campaign Trump Paul Manaforth to jail for a term of 20 to 24 years for his prosecution in numerous financial fraud.

Prosecutors also urged a federal judge in Virginia to move to a sentence that could be a lifetime term for a 69-year-old Manaforth who, less than three years ago, presided over in the nomination of President Donald Trump on the Republican National Convention.

"Manaforth acted more than ten years, as if he was above the law, and deprived the federal government and various financial institutions of millions of dollars," the prosecutors wrote in a court hearing on Friday night, adding that they had agreed to a report on the previous one. The federal probation agency has been convicted. "The sentence here should reflect the seriousness of these crimes and serve both to deter Manaforth and others from such behavior."

Prosecutors also noted that Manaforth should be held responsible for the restitution and confiscation of property, amounting to almost $ 30 million

Manaforth's sentence was suspended, while prosecutors and his lawyers argued whether he had violated the aid agreement in pursuing an investigation into the Kremlin's 2016 election. Earlier this week, a federal judge in Washington came to the conclusion that Manafort repeatedly lied to prosecutors, and confirmed his agreement to accept guilt in the relevant case there.

Manafort was entitled to a lesser sentence if he had fulfilled his obligation to assist the investigator.

Despite his convictions, Trump praised Manaforth for his refusal to "break". The president, however, did not indicate whether he would pardon his one-time chief of the campaign. One of Muller's prosecutors, Andrew Wiesmann, told a judge this month that one of the reasons why Manaforth could lie after he promised to cooperate was "to increase his chances of pardon"

. Manafort chose his course of behavior to "save his extravagant way of life at the expense of various financial institutions."

"Manafort decided not to do this for any other reason than greed, confirming his conviction that the law does not apply to him," According to the court. "

" Manaforth's Age does not eliminate the risk of the relapse that he creates, especially if to take into account that his criminal activity lasted more than ten years, "prosecutors said." Manaforth's unlawful actions continued only in October 2018 when he repeatedly and deliberately lied to the government during the sessions and the grand jury "after concluding an agreement with the government. [19659005] Manaworth was convicted in August from Fifteen points of financial fraud after a three-week study in Alexandria, Virginia. First of all, it was focused on the great adventure work of Manaforth in Ukraine on behalf of his former pro-Russian regime.

In a month Manawfort pleaded guilty to two charges of plotting a crime in a corresponding The case as part of its cooperation agreement

Muller attempted to cancel this deal in November after public prosecutors argued that Manafort was misleading about their interaction with Russian business associate Constantine Kilimnik and his contacts with the Trump administration and others. sub-items. Manaworth's attorneys argued that his distortion was unintentional, but US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson largely disagreed.

She ruled that Manawfort lied to the prosecutor's office and the FBI about his interaction with Kilimnik, who, according to prosecutors, was accused of Russian intelligence. Among the exchanges, the prosecutor's office claims that he lied that he provided data from the Kilimnik poll.


Former president of the campaign, Trump Paul Manafort, reportedly held secret meetings with the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assang. In Veer, Sam Berman has a full story.

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