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Patriots' Postal Bag: How Tom Brady Makes Stephen Diggs New England Unlikely | Patriots of New England

Friday morning, and the New England Patriots still do not know who they are defending with.

After all, it doesn't really matter whether it's Kane Kinum, Colt McCoy, or Dwayne Haskins, starting the Washington Redkins. The Patriots are going to win on Sunday, regardless. But it's ridiculous enough to not imagine which opponent you play two days before the game.

The Patriots must root for Haskins. First and second year prints are 0-19 against the Patriots since 2014.

Why should we come up with all the questions?

1; @ Patriots1154
It's pretty existential that you got there, Mr. 1154. The mailbox wouldn't exist without you guys. Let's get into it.

Why haven't you finalized your AJ green trade yet ?? Haha, seriously, how do you feel about the offense? With the exception of the Steelers game, it was rough.
– @njjosselyn
Want to? I know the defense ran into opposition, but the Patriots scored 33, 43 and 30 points in the first three weeks of the season. Of course, Antonio Braun came out on the 43-point play, and the Patriots offense did not reach a constant level throughout the 60-minute game, but I would not say that I am very anxious in four weeks.

I think we will see dramatic improvements in the offense over the next three games against the Washington Reds, New York Giants and New York Jets. Consider that Julian Edelman and Rex Berkhead were capped last week against extremely good buffalo protection.

Do you think Watson is playing this week?
– @ BroJackson34
Ben Watson did not practice Wednesday but returned on Thursday. Having missed four weeks and the first practice of the week, I find it a little doubtful that he plays on Sunday.

Although I was still surprised. If he still plays, he could increase his stiff end position. Watson is 38 years old, but he's probably better than Ryan Itzo and Matt Lakoss.

Is Devin McCorty a Hall of Fame?
– @_fega_
Patriots Hall Patriots, yeah. But he is not a Pro Football Hall of Famer unless something crazy happens and he will continue his career for another seven years.

McCurty was a great player for the Patriots – one of the best in his second dynasty. But he did not reach the hall of fame. He is still the Patriots Hall of the Patriots first ballot.

Do you think Diggs will trade?
– @ RickCurtis20
No, after all, I don't think Stefon Diggs will be traded.

The Minnesota Vikings just signed Stephen Diggs to a five-year contract extension, and they haven't changed their head coach or general manager since. They changed their offensive coordinator from John Defilippo to Kevin Stefansky. Defilippo wanted to bring a ball and great creative to quarterback Kirk Cousins, but head coach Mike Zimmer did not. So Zimmer fired Defilippo and hired Stefansky, who was ready to continue running the ball.

Defilippo is now the coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars. It's worth noting that his new quarterback Gardner Minshev II completes 69.4 percent of his passes for 905 yards with seven touchdowns and one interception as one of the best stories in the NFL this season.

Even if you're a first-team team, it's important for you to have two strong receivers, like the Vikings of Diggs and Adam Tillen.

I just think it's too early for the Vikings to give in to Diggs, who hinted he wants to trade.

And the Patriots need a lot of effort to buy Diggs. Miguel Benzan Miguel Benzan wrote Thursday that the Patriots will likely need to extend the safety of Devin McCorty and linebacker Kyle Van Noah and restructure the Hightout deal just to find space to add Diggs. This will cause the Patriots to have only about $ 40 million in cap space in 2020, and it's already with them that cancels Tom Brady's contract.

So take $ 40 million and now subtract $ 6.8 million from Benzan projects that the Patriots would put out with McCurty, Van Noy, and Hightower. Then deduct Diggs's $ 10.9 million salary in 2020.

That leaves the Patriots $ 22.9 million indoors. Is it enough to re-sign Brady plus to add to the list just about anyone else, even the next election? Unlikely.

The Patriots had one shot to buy an expensive receiver, and they used it on Antonio Brown, who still counts on the cap after being cut. If they didn't sign Brown, then getting someone like Diggs, A.J. Green, or Emmanuel Sanders would be a real possibility. Now? That would be extremely difficult.

So, would you rather have Diggs or Brady?

This is essentially what this is all about.

Hey Doug,

Does the limited space of the caps affect the return of War or Harry from IP? Both are new, but Pats has almost zero space. Also, does this hope that Gronk returns because the Birds can't afford this deal now?

– @ BryanThiel_88

This does not affect the return of Isaiah Winnie or N & # 39; Keal Harry. They are both already counting on the Patriots' salary cap.

Although it will take some effort to get Rob Gronkowski back. His cap hit is more than the Patriots' gap, even though he's only been back in the last four games.

I know it's not as annoying as getting Diggs or Green, but given their paycheck, why not pay Morris Harris back? He already knows the offense and looked good in the preseason
– @Kim_Gregoire
Harris can't sign with the Patriots until 6 weeks after his injury. If it is available, and if the Patriots need a wide receiver at this point, I can see how they return it.

Keep in mind that Harry is available after 8 weeks. So it would be a short time between week 7 and week 9 to need a wide receiver. I really liked Harris during OTAs, mini-camps and the early part of training camp. So, I think he could help the team.

#MailDoug. Was Josh Gordon an underused OC?
– @schimelmitz
I wouldn't say that. I think he is slightly weaker.

He has 14 catches for 27 targets for 221 yards with one touchdown this season.

In 11 games last year, he had 40 catches for 68 touchdowns for 720 yards with three touchdowns.

Extrapolate 11 games this year to 38.5 catches, 74.25 goals, 607.75 yards and 2.75 touchdowns. He's actually more focused, he just doesn't catch as many passes or produce as many yards as he did last season for the game.

Gordon has three drops in four games. I think he will start playing better, but I would not blame him for his relative lack of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Many fans are not happy with Richards' re-signing. BB says he thinks he has a role for him, how confident are you that this signing is beneficial to Pats and what do you think his role will be?
– @ SenecaDavid1
I think Jordan Richards' role will be on special teams. If Richards has taken significant defensive snapshots of how the unit plays now, Patriots fans have the right to get involved.

Richards looks noticeably less sated in his return to the Patriots. It may come at a faster rate the second time.

Let's have a quick fire.

@DougKyed How can teams not find a kicker who can beat or a punisher who can beat? I mean, all they do is kick-start a football, and I understand it's a different punch, but imagine the importance of extra space on the roster. #MailDoug
– @MichaelProOG
I'm curious about that too. I think it might take one player to try it out before the potential trend comes. This specialist will need many repetition practices to do both, but fighters and kickers do not practice punches at the same time as the player has to hold him. Maybe it's just too taxing your feet.

Give the hard truth … is it my fantasy to see Sebastian Sibas Yanikovsky in a Patriots jersey?
– @ MarvelousMike94
Yes, wonderful Mike, I think it's just a pipe dream. I do not even imagine what Sebastian Yanikovsky looks like at this point after almost a year of retirement.

Who did you pick on Wednesday night? AEW or NXT?
– @MattToTheFuture
I watched AEW. I liked. I didn't think it was incredible, but I thought it was good.

The next unique TD receiver for Brady? #MailDoug
– @TeamCrazyMatt
I'm leaving with Jacobi Myers.

Thoughts on our new hacker, Nugent's Spicy Chicken Mike?
– @Jetsby
First of all, I think it's a terrible nickname.

Secondly, I think he was probably the best free-agent hit option as long as he could stay healthy. Like Stephen Gostkovsky, he dealt with a hip injury last season. However, the Patriots have Yango Ku in insurance form as insurance, but that helps.

Would Jacob Johnson have done enough to keep Develin in the IP so she couldn't bring Winnie and Harry back? #maildoug
– @pereira_report
I think the Patriots are coming to an end and Isaiah Vinh and H & # 39; Kil Harry will be back from injured reserve, regardless. Jacob Johnson will end well, but I doubt he'll play the same as James Develin.

I liked it. I still got sick when I was singing a theme song.

Are you surprised Allen (Panther) has not found another team yet? #MailDoug
– @BeTheKomodo
I'm surprised. I will exchange that he will finish signing with the team by the end of the season.

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