Virginia Warlord Governor Ralf Northham reports to CBS This Morning that he will not resign after a photo appears in his medical school yearbook. (February 11)

Pam Northam, the wife of the Warrior's Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northham, has been criticized for having taken an excursion to the governor in which she handed over cotton to several African-American students and asked them to contemplate slavery,

Letters from the girl and her mother described in detail the incident. They say that the eighth girl, who was a page for the state senate, visited the governor's mansion with other pages on February 21. .

During this visit, it is reported that Northham handed several African-American pages of cotton and asked them to imagine how it would be to choose cotton as slaves.

Leah Dosier Walker, mother of a girl, wrote in a letter that her daughter was "an upset and deeply offended" incident. The Richmond Times Dispatcher published this letter and identified Walker as the Director of the State Department of Justice and Community Engagement for the State Department of Education.

about African American pages – or – why she would ask them such an insensitive issue, – writes Walker's letter.

The girl's letter, addressed to Northam and published by WAVY-TV, says that the cotton was transferred to another African-American page. Northham also gave it "other pages", the letter says.

Northham said that he asked the page: "Can you imagine yourself as an enslaved man and have to choose her all day?"

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Northham's office and another parent whose child was on tour challenged the assertion that Northam had been allocated by black students, according to The Washington Post. The first lady handed the cotton to a group of students, they say.

In a statement published in several editions, Nordham said that she was working to include the history of slaves in a guided tour of the governor's residence.

Over the past few months, they have conducted the same educational excursion for artist performers who used various artifacts and crops to illustrate the painful period of the Virginia history. I'm sorry that someone upset [19659005PolemikanastayepislyatohoyakhubernatorVirdzhyniyiRalfNorthemzitknuvsyaizzaklykamydoyohovidstavkyzprovidnyhdemokrativoskilkyyohostorinkazschorichnykiv1984rokuzMedychnoyishkolyShidnoyiVirdzhyniyiz'yavylasyakilkatyzhnivtomuStorinkavklyuchalafotohrafiyucholovikauchorniypoverhnischostoyitporuchzlyudynoyuvkapyushontsiKuiKluxKlan

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Virginia Gov.Ralph Northam, left, with his wife, Pam on his side, says during a press conference at the executive mansion on Saturday, February 2, 2019. He appeared in his college yearbook. [Walkthroughsaysthelatestincidentbringsanewmeaningtothepreviousscandal:"ButtheactionsofMrsNorthamonlylastweekdonotleadmetobelievethattheofficeofthisgovernorseriouslypervertedtheharmandharmedtheAfricanAmericansinVirginiaorthattheydeserveourforgiveness"-readstheletter


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