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OnePlus brand designer Carl Pay has left the smartphone company

Since close ties with Oppo, Vivo and electronics giant BBK have emerged, it’s hard to talk about OnePlus as a meager smartphone, but it’s still hard to exaggerate the influence of Carl Pay, the company’s longtime public figure today. As a marketer and brand developer, he has used a combination of bold promises, real conversations and unconventional marketing campaigns to turn smartphone enthusiasts who are simply looking for a bargain into a community of OnePlus fans.

In his blog post on the OnePlus forums, Pei notes that he is “looking forward to time to unpack and catch up with my family,”

; without addressing the reason why he is doing so now. It is rumored that he had a disagreement with co-founder and CEO Pete Lau and / or that Pei left to start his own business, but his note does not look like the words of someone who went to a new job.

Either way, it seems harsh: Android Central and Android police reported that as of four days ago, he had already left the company, and OnePlus was not ready to answer questions about where he went and why. Maybe the company just didn’t want to distract from the new phone it released on Wednesday: the OnePlus 8T. Meanwhile, Pei led the development of the less expensive recent OnePlus phone – Nord.

Here is the full Pei attraction:

After almost 7 years of working at OnePlus, I made the difficult decision to say goodbye.

I grew up spending a lot of time online, building products and communities. Seeing that ideas in my mind can be turned into reality and affect people’s lives, I was very pleased, and I knew early on that this was the way for me.

In 2013, the world did not need another brand of smartphones. But we saw how to do something better, and we dreamed of shaking everything. The best products. Created hand in hand with our users. At more affordable prices. Go fast to today, and OnePlus is a strong force to consider when it comes to flagship smartphones. And with the new Nord product line, this success will continue in new market segments.

When I was just 24 when OnePlus started, I spent most of my 20s there, as well as where I grew up. From a nervous interview with my first employee, to the fact that I presented the product for the first time, in the face of severe fright, to learning how to lead a team … The trip was real. What we have learned and learned, I can not imagine a more useful adventure.

Our community joined the movement before we had the product, while we only had ambitions and ideas. Since hundreds of you came with me ice cream, thousands have attended our events, and tens of millions have bought our products around the world; I want to thank you all for believing in us all these years.

And the team. Amazing people with whom I was lucky to fight side by side. The friendship I have made here is the most valuable part of this journey. With them, the company is in capable hands.

I am eternally grateful to Pete for taking a risk in this child, having no higher education, having nothing but a dream. Trust, mentoring and camaraderie will never be forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity for life.

I never regretted trusting my gut feeling, and this time it’s no different. These last years, OnePlus has been my special focus, and everything else had to go into the background. I’m looking forward to a little rest to unpack and catch up with my family and friends. And then watch my heart for what happens next.

Thankfully, Carl

We have repeatedly interviewed him during the launch of new smartphones, and you can almost understand how the company has changed by reading each of them.

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